Google’s Pixel 4A, A Large Mid-Range

Google’s Pixel 4A, A Large Mid-Range

Google’s Pixel 4A : Google mobile arrived on the market, heir to the Pixel 3a and a version somewhat below the Pixel 4, but maintaining the quality of photography of its ‘big brother’.

Discover here the features and specifications of the new Google smartphone, a mid-range mobile phone with excellent value for money.

Pixel 4a Features 

Pixel smartphones have all of Google’s apps integrated, including its voice assistant. In this case, the acquisition of Google’s new budget phone includes three free months of Google One, with access to 100 GB of cloud storage space, automatic phone backups and other advantages that can be shared as a family. But let’s go to the basic features of this new terminal:

  • Professional photographs tags. The strong point of this new Pixel 4a is its camera, which includes features such as HDR+ (improves photos because it automatically adjusts light and color), night vision (promises image sharpness in low light and without flash) and high-quality portraits . And it’s not that Google is selling you the moon, but almost, because it ensures that this new smartphone will have a camera capable of photographing the Milky Way.
  • Durable battery tags. The Pixel 4a will have an intelligent battery that “lasts all day”. Google says that this smartphone learns which are your most used applications and reduces the consumption of the ones you use the least. However, those who have already analyzed it do not have everything with them regarding the performance of the battery.
  • Google Assistant tags. To help. It is the verb that Google associates with this new terminal, because you can link it to the assistant to control it with your voice: send text messages or perform several tasks at the same time from anywhere, wherever you are. In addition, being from Google, it seeks a greater breadth of customization of its applications than the one it gives to other Android phones.
  • Security . It includes a Titan M chip and guarantees your security with three years of updates.

The Pixel 4a will be completely black , with a 5.81-inch OLED screen with Full HD + resolution, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and Android 10 operating system .

Pixel 4a Design

As we have mentioned, it is a black terminal, without XL version as it happened in the Google Pixel 4.

Its design remains in line with the previous models that Google has brought to the market, but has eliminated the notch that brought the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Now you will only have a hole or circle in the upper left corner of the screen in which the front camera is integrated.

The body of the smartphone is made of polycarbonate in its entirety and the finish of its back is matte black. It is comfortable and compact.

The fingerprint reader is integrated into the back and Google adds to this terminal a jack input on the top edge for the headphones that, although it did not include it in the Pixel 4 or the Pixel 4 XL, is still very demanded by users.

What Is The Price Of Google’s Pixel 4a?

Google has put on sale its Pixel 4a for 389 dollars, where it is already possible to make the reservation, with free delivery of the terminal.

Later there will be an edition with 5G, which will take a few more months to arrive and will most likely increase its price.

For the amount it costs, you will have a mobile with an excellent camera and a remarkable operating system, although with a finish that can be improved in the aesthetic aspect and a battery below that of its competitors.

Google’s Pixel 4a is ten dollars cheaper than the Pixel 3a when it hit the market.

As a curiosity,  it is somewhat more expensive than in other European countries, because in Germany and France, for example, it is worth 349 dollars, forty less than here.

Conclusions And Recommendations 

In short, this new Google smartphone offers lower performance and quality than the Pixel 4 but with a much more affordable price and a similar camera.

It is a comfortable mobile to handle , smaller than what is now being seen in other brands, and has a fairly acceptable screen to be mid-range.

It gives, perhaps, a feeling of lower quality in its body because its polycarbonate finish is, after all, a kind of plastic or rubber.

It also fails a bit in terms of the battery and does not include 5G in its basic model (Google will market the Pixel 4a with 5G later).

Its strong point is its camera, as we have been telling you, because it reaches enough quality compared to other devices of the same level. Of the phones that move in the same price range is the one that offers the best performance in this regard.

It is a very basic smartphone, enough to be mid-range although it may not be as much as for the price it costs.

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