Best True Wireless Headphones 2021

Best True Wireless Headphones 2021

True Wireless or also called interaural headphones are those that do not have any type of cable, they are one of the latest innovations in the hardware market for Apple and have a particular design. 

  • But immediately the rest of the manufacturers fought back with other designs, so the famous AirPods have to compete with many other high-quality headphones. In this post we show you the 6 best True Wireless headphones of 2021.

Top 5 Best True Wireless Headphones of 2021 (Wireless)

  • Here is a list of the top 5 true wireless wireless headphones this year. 
  • The first of them, the Samsung Galaxy Buds is the best of all of them in relation to value for money , and from then on we are climbing positions according to our purchase recommendations, that is, this top goes from better to worse  but you decide which one to buy. .

Samsung Galaxy Buds

  • Impressive! With nearly 8 hours of music playback , the Samsung Galaxy Buds last longer than all the True Wireless we’ve tested so far. 
  • And they’re comfortable too thanks to the fact that each of the earbuds weighs just 5.5g. The handling of the touch zones is simple and a long touch wakes up the Bixby voice assistant, although with the app you can exchange it for the volume.
  • The sound is clean with well-defined vocals and decent bass, and the small box can be charged wirelessly .

Apple Airpods

  • The Apple AirPods are similar to the predecessors, but some details have changed, especially in the sound they are capable of reproducing. 
  • In these, the means are clearer and, in addition, there is another novelty in the transport box and in the tested version it can be charged wirelessly.
  • In addition, Apple has placed a small LED on the front to see the charging status. If you already have AirPods, the new box costs $ 90. With a box without wireless charging they are still expensive and can be yours for $ 170.

Elite 65T Jug

  • In the Jabra Elite 65t, its good fit in the ear stands out, as well as the excellent autonomy to be True Wireless (5 and a half hours of duration in operation). These round headphones can be operated using two buttons and, in addition, they have volume control.
  • Also note that the 65t weighs 12 g and provides a powerful and warm sound, with decent details -the transparency mode helps you if there is a lot of traffic-, and that the case resists sweat and dust (IPX5), thanks to the which are suitable for sports.

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JBl Endurance Peak

  • JBL proposes an excellent alternative for athletes : the Endurance Peaks are protected according to the IPX7 standard, so they do not care if you sweat. And, thanks to the arches, they are secure even in fast movements.
  • However, the autonomy is somewhat short with 4.5 hours and the transport box, which weighs 85 grams, is too large. 
  • Of course, the handling is good and with its two touch surfaces you can change the subject or increase the volume by sliding on them. Regarding the sound, they are warm but with modest bass.

Skullcandy Push

  • Skullcandy usually stands out for offering headphones with a lot of bass and, even these little in-ears of only 17g, buzz their thing. Now, the bass range is quite diffuse and they barely leave room for the treble.

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