All You Need To Know About 5G Technology

All You Need To Know About 5G Technology

5G is the name of the new generation of mobile technology, which significantly improves the performance (bandwidth, latency, capacity of connected devices) of mobile Internet access compared to previous generations. Its special characteristics make it a key piece to accelerate the digital transformation of society and the economy.

5G networks and services are not only a new generation of mobile technology, but they will allow the development of new services that will benefit the economy and society as a whole. 

The ability to manage millions of devices in real time on 5G networks is an essential element for the development of services that until now were not within our reach, such as intelligent manufacturing in distributed manufacturing environments, remote control of devices in real time. which will facilitate the connected car and later the autonomous car, as well as the intelligent management of transport and energy resources. Likewise, 5G will allow broadband coverage to be expanded at high speeds in rural and isolated areas of the territory,

The cross-cutting impact of 5G technology is reflected in various studies published in recent years. In our immediate environment, the study analyzes foresee that the estimated benefits of introducing 5G in four productive sectors (automotive, health, transport and utilities ) would progressively increase until reaching 62,500 million dollars of direct annual impact within of the nation in 2025, which would rise to 113,000 million dollars adding the indirect impacts. The same study estimates that in our country there would be indirect benefits in the 4 sectors analyzed of 14.6 billion dollars and significant job creation.

5G Networks Will Facilitate:

  • Very high speed and capacity mobile broadband, with mobile speeds of over 100 Mbit / s and peaks of 1 Gbit / s.
  • Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications, around 1 millisecond (ms) compared to 20-30 ms typical of 4G networks. This condition could make them suitable for applications that have specific requirements in this area, such as the connected or autonomous vehicle, telemedicine services, security systems and others such as smart manufacturing.
  • Massive machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, including the Internet of Things (IoT). The capacity to manage simultaneous connections will be increased, which will allow, among other things, the massive deployment of sensors.

New Capabilities

  • Greater bandwidth in mobility
  • High density of connected devices
  • Network computing resources
  • Real time communication
  • Network infrastructure virtualization

The Secretary of State for Digital Advancement has developed the 5G Plan for the 2018-2022 period as a key lever for ecosystems 4.0 framed within the “Digital Strategy”. In addition, it aims to promote an early implementation of 5G networks and the development of R & D & i in this area.

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