Use Of Chatbots In Digital Marketing

Use Of Chatbots In Digital Marketing

Chatbots In Digital Marketing: Artificial intelligence is a discipline that little by little has a greater presence in all fields of our lives. The use of voice assistants on smartphones is already seen normally. And chatbots are beginning to be present in many digital spaces.

Video games have long used this type of intelligent virtual entities to compete between players. Or between machine and user. The more sophisticated the bot, the more capable it is of defeating its human rivals.

In a simple definition, chatbots are services capable of simulating a conversation with a human being. Even if it is an intelligent machine that is actually talking.

Seeing this, they are perfect for motivating the client to make the final conversion. If you do not use chatbots for digital marketing, you should know that, if you did, you would have certain advantages:

  • The public is open to the idea.
  • 64 % of customers prefer text solutions before calling customer service.
  • They can help your clients at any time of the day.
  • You can configure them to be more like human treatment.
  • Chatbots for digital marketing are vital in the case of cookies. They will track those who interact with your brand.

Chatbots don’t sleep. They can be available 24 hours a day. If a user has any problem with a certain product or service at any time of the day, a chatbot can help and provide certain solutions.

In addition to being cheaper than agents themselves, chatbots are an efficient way to offer customer service. Users can type their questions and get answers immediately based on pre-programmed logic.

As with the example of the images, most users use chatbots to ask simple questions. The clearest example of these simple issues is Uber. This platform has developed a chatbot for Facebook through which you can order a taxi, ask for the shortest route or tell a friend that it will take 10 minutes to arrive.

Star Audience For Chatbots

According to a recent study by Retale, 58% of millennials are familiar with this communication system. In fact, although 42% have not had the opportunity to interact with this system, 53% are interested in learning about it. Therefore, the acceptance of chatbots by younger audiences can be seen.

Perhaps one of the concerns when using chatbots for digital marketing is their acceptance.

Tasks That A Chatbot Can Perform:

The main advantage of chatbots for brands is, without a doubt, facilitating customer service management. Automating this function will allow users to be served in less time and at a lower cost; additionally, some studies indicate that people find it more comfortable interacting with these types of online programs than with a real human on the phone.

  • Virtual recommenders

Companies launched an automated personalized assistant. With it, sites are recommended to users based on their preferences.

  • Virtual assistants

The Spanish firm Commons has generated a prototype for the Government of the United Arab Emirates. This chatbot allows you to validate the nationality process of any person. As well as the services that the State can offer you.

  • Online sale

It can be a new sales channel almost effortlessly. Using chatbots you can reach the millions of users of messaging applications. Or support other customer contact channels: Reporting news and providing suggestions or supplementary or alternative products. Extraordinary potential for digital marketing strategies.

  • Search engines

Bots can optimize the product search process in ecommerce. To do this, they use a conversation in which the user shares their preferences.

Chatbots allow you to automate as many interactions as you want. This prevents you from having to have a staff dedicated 24 hours a day to reading all the messages that come to you through networks and email.

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