How To Expand Your Brand? 8 Marketing Techniques For Franchises

How To Expand Your Brand? 8 Marketing Techniques For Franchises

Brand: Any business needs a solid marketing and advertising campaign for franchises to achieve its objectives, either by improving the image and impact of the brand or by the need to attract franchisees. What are the marketing strategies for franchises that are currently offering the best results? We tell you.

Eight Marketing Techniques For Franchises

We know that the level of demand and difficulty in expanding a franchise are quite high. And that, on many occasions, having investors and entrepreneurs with true intentions of opening a business with a brand is complicated.

That’s why we want to share with you the best digital marketing strategies for franchises and help you boost your business. Take note!

  1. Create a specific website for franchisees

When a person is interested in investing in your brand, having a website or a section within the brand’s main page will be essential. It must be a place to make available to the public all the information necessary to open a franchise: requirements, investment, advantages, etc. We recommend you include testimonials from your franchisees to generate greater trust. And don’t forget to facilitate all possible means of communication (form, email, telephone, etc.).

  1. SEO Positioning

Web positioning is one of the fundamental pillars of any type of company. Being in the top positions of search engines to publicize your brand’s products and services will provide you with greater visibility.

Our recommendation is to opt for keywords that define your business very well and that are not very generic (the greater the competition, the greater the difficulty of positioning in search engines). For example: low cost hair salon franchises. If you do not have a specialist in digital marketing for franchises, you will always have time to hire the services of a marketing agency specialized in this field.

  1. Online advertising

Thanks to this formula you can advertise the franchise in different formats and platforms depending on a specific budget. Unlike conventional advertising, in this type of campaign you will only pay when a person sees your ad and clicks on it to get more information. It will allow you to open the range of possibilities and you will be able to segment your advertising according to your target audience. The choices that yield the best outcomes are:

– Google Ads: Appearing in the first three results can give you the opportunity to attract franchisees interested in the sector in which you are operating. Without a doubt, Google Ads ads are one of the most effective and fastest options in digital marketing for franchises.

– Banners: You can hire them directly or through intermediaries such as Google Adwords (Google’s advertising program). Here it is important to choose well the place where they will be displayed and the price, so that the click is not too expensive.

– Remarketing: Are you familiar with those advertisements that follow you everywhere on the Internet after visiting a certain website? That’s remarketing. And its results are excellent. You only pay when a person clicks on the ad and it is targeted to those who have already been interested in your brand.

–Facebook Ads: Today, Facebook remains the most popular and important social network in the world. Why not take advantage of it? It offers us a perfect advertising tool to target our advertising ads to people in a specific area, with specific interests and a specific profile. The success of these campaigns lies in the correct segmentation of this target audience. The results will amaze you!

  1. Social networks

Social networks have a great impact (negative or positive) on the image offered by a brand. A satisfied customer can help us spread our products or services based on their experience. And a dissatisfied customer can spread a negative review that can ruin the reputation of our brand if we do not manage it correctly.

Therefore, any franchise must be actively present on social networks. In this way, you will be able to manage both favorable and unfavorable comments and thus control this harmful advertising before damaging the brand image irreversibly.

Furthermore, among the fans and followers of your brand there may be entrepreneurial people who want to open a new business. If they already like us, we will be more likely to do so with us. Clearly show the advantages for the franchisor and use multimedia content to make them known.

  1. Press releases in digital media

Every day more people consult the news using a computer, tablet or smartphone in different digital media. Many franchises are beginning to invest in sending press releases to this type of media. Because? Mainly because they have a great impact at a relatively low cost when compared to what each impact entails.

  1. Sponsored articles

There are many web pages that receive thousands of visits daily. Therefore, one of the most profitable ways to achieve greater impact for any franchise is to hire sponsored articles on an authority website that is related to your sector and with a good amount of traffic.

  1. Content Marketing

What’s the point of having the best product or service if you don’t know how to make it known? Content marketing brings together a series of techniques focused on optimizing the text (spelling and grammar) and presenting the information in a clear, attractive and intuitive way for the user and potential clients of a franchise.

  1. Email marketing

Currently, the newsletter continues to be one of the most effective marketing options with which you will reach your audience in a visual and totally personalized way. Email marketing will help you establish your own database with people who have been interested in your franchise at some point. An excellent way to communicate a new product or service or publicize an exclusive offer.

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