How To Develop A Good Content Strategy On Linkedin?

How To Develop A Good Content Strategy On Linkedin?

Good Content Strategy On Linkedin : If you thought that LinkedIn could only help you get a job, you are very wrong. This professional social network can bring great benefits to your company. Do you want to know how to develop a good content strategy on Linkedin? Well keep reading. 

Linkedin has more than 12 million users. Linkedin does not stop growing. There is great interest in this social network, both by users and by brands, who have found value in this platform to grow professionally and achieve their goals as a brand. 

Every second there are between 2 and 3 new users registering on the platform. In addition, there are 22% more sessions on Linkedin compared to the previous year, which means that the interaction is growing a lot within the platform. 

Linkedin has gone from being a mere professional network to being a great professional content platform. There are 675 million users. Due to this, Linkedin is making a lot of efforts to establish itself as a content platform, since we must not forget that Linkedin was born as an employment portal.

From the School of Business and Management – ENyD we have had the opportunity to visit the offices of Linkedin Spain to interview Verónica Rodríguez , Lead Client Solutions Manager, and to tell us, among many other things, how to develop a good content strategy on Linkedin.

The Four Main Lines Are:

  • Talent Solutions : 

The one that generates the most business, 60% from Linkedin. It is the Recruitment Solutions for Human Resources, a line of business that has totally revolutionized the sector with its flagship product: Linkedin Recruiter, used by HR Departments to attract the best talent and help companies reach, through Linkedin, to very specific audiences. 

  • Marketing Solutions: 

The line of Business works, is the line that is growing the most, with 42%. They are a business partner for companies and help promote the brand awareness of companies in Spain. 

  • SalesSolutions.

 Its flagship product is Sales Navigator and what it does is help salespeople to have more sales with potential contacts, fine-tune more within the platform and help them by being a sales partner.

  • learning solutions

It is used to improve or increase skills. The platform proposes courses according to your needs, which may be at the company level or at the user level. Last year they had 93 million users within the platforms and 1,300 courses on Linkedin Learning to learn and improve as a professional. So we are facing a platform that educates and offers value to users.

  • Specifically

Marketing Solutions, they help companies attract their customers, promote their products and services, and improve their brand by reaching a very targeted audience on Linkedin. 

Verónica Rodríguez is in charge of the technology and communications sector, but there is another that is dedicated to finance, another to education, etc. What they do is help them with the strategy and advertising actions, how to communicate their brand within Linkedin, always in line with their objectives, whether it is to acquire more clients, have more visibility as a brand, etc. 

Visual Content: The Key

A user interacts three times more with video content than with static content, which is incredible potential within the platform.

Another great trend for attracting customers is the lead generation forms on Linkedin. “They are very effective, at the response level, a lead generation form has 400 times more leads than normal content. It is a super powerful format and one that we use a lot from Marketing Solutions”, highlights Veronica Rodríguez. 

Think Of A Key Message For Our Content: 

What is the key message we want to communicate and what is our goal? Once we have it clear, we must establish a relationship with our target audience in the short and long term, that is, a continuous interaction.

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