Go Back To The Past With The Most Recommended Retro Console

Go Back To The Past With The Most Recommended Retro Console

Retro Console : Video games have evolved many times in recent years, even becoming a large industry around them. However, there is no doubt that retro is fashionable, hence as the years go by, we can find more and more retro consoles. 

Models that if you are too young you will not have been able to enjoy them, but that are possible to revive and without the need to make use of emulators. Next, we are going to show a compilation with some of the best retro video game consoles.

The truth is that today video game consoles offer the possibility of living a really incredible gaming experience. The technology that surrounds them and the high quality of online games and games of the moment makes the experience increasingly real and immersive. But the truth is that retro video games also have their own charm despite offering graphics that have nothing to do with what we are used to today.

For some time there have been some emulators that allow you to play some console games from many years ago, both on our mobile phone and on the computer, however, there is nothing like living the experience of making use of some of the most popular retro consoles and enjoying some of their unforgettable titles. 

Most of the models that we can buy today are perfect replicas of the original consoles, even most retain the original size, although others are available in reduced or mini versions. Although most offer some of the most popular video games in the formats of that time, there are others that already offer many titles of the time pre-installed in the internal memory.

What Should We Look For When Buying A Retro Console

There are a number of aspects that we can take into account.

  • Shape and size

Depending on the use that we are going to give to the console it is important that we look at the shape, size and weight of it. It is not the same if it is a desktop console, that we are not going to move from our room or the living room of the house, that we are looking for a portable console that we can take anywhere. In both cases, it is important that we look at the size and weight of it, although as we have seen, most are replicas of retro consoles in their mini version.

  • Compatibility with old games or cartridges

If we are one of those who have already had any of the consoles mentioned above or other models of which we can get some replica, it is interesting to know if it has compatibility to use the old games. That is, we must look carefully if the model in question supports the use of old game cartridges to be able to enjoy them even though a lot of years have passed.

  • Available titles

There are many lovers of video games faithful to the games of a console in question. In this case, the choice will be easier since we will always throw more for a retro console that includes certain titles. Therefore, it is convenient to review the catalog of video games with which each console model comes by default to know which one may interest us more.

  • Ability to expand with more games

One of the details to keep in mind is also whether you accept the possibility of adding new games and expanding the catalog of available titles.

  • Is it original?

Many of the retro consoles that we find below are original versions launched by the brands themselves as tributes after a few years. But there are also others that are similar replicas that are not from Nintendo or Sega or any specific brand but retro consoles that simulate classic games.

  • Price

It is certainly one of the handicaps for many people, as they may have a limited budget. However, as we have seen, there are models of retro consoles at affordable prices that offer us a lot of hours of entertainment.

Nintendo Consoles

If Nintendo was your thing, there are a number of mini versions with the usual look of eighties consoles. We can buy the Super Nintendo Classic Mini or the NES Mini. They are similar to the original in design but with a smaller size. In addition, they come with preloaded games that allow us to play without the need for cartridges.

Super Nintendo Classic Mini

Without a doubt, the Super Nintendo was one of the most popular consoles since its launch in the late 80s. So much so, that shortly after the Japanese manufacturer put it on the market, it became the number one in windows in much of the world.

Well, if you are one of those who spent the dead hours enjoying the video games of the Super Nintendo or you would like to know how this console was, today it is possible to get a replica that has the same design but in Mini version. In addition, it is accompanied by two controls that are an exact replica of those of the time.

Game and Watch

Before the Gameboy there were other portable Nintendo consoles. The difference is that we could not change the game but they were thematic. They were the Game & Watch that we can now find for a price that is between 50 and 60 euros and that allow us to enjoy some of the best games of the time such as The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. Until now we had to look for them in collectors opero and we can buy the new versions available released in the late eighties.

It has the classic look of always but renewed to work perfectly. It also has all the iconic elements of the original with interactive clocks and a color screen where we will see the game.

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