Is The Xiaomi Tablet An Android?

Is The Xiaomi Tablet An Android?

Xiaomi Tablet An Android : While Xiaomi introduced the 11T line of smartphones, including the impressive 11T Pro, it also introduced the latest Xiaomi Pad 5. This $ 369 device is a real blessing. It has an 11-inch display, a four-speaker array, a fast Snapdragon 860 chipset and an 8720mAh battery that the Xiaomi tablet will provide five days of music playback for 16 hours of video playback and 10-hour extra time for gaming.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet

Xiaomi Pad 5 runs on Android 11 and MIUI 12.5 – Xiaomi Pad MIUI is designed to take advantage of a large screen area of the tablet. This works great with a well-used split-screen app, tap the app on the shift screen and then tap the icon to open it in split-screen mode and select the second app on the entire screen. In addition, the conversion screen has an icon that opens the application in a floating window that can be resized and dragged.


Like Xiaomi tablets, there is a preset color temperature range (bright, full, and standard) and a reading mode in which all shades are muted. However, this is not the same as the black and white mode, which I prefer for reading e-books on a tablet.


Four speakers provide great pleasure when watching videos and listening to music. They get good sound quality with powerful bass and no distortion at a high volume. Maximum scores, Xiaomi.


There’s 128GB of internal storage, where 18GB are used out of the box, and there’s no microSD card slot to add more. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chipset with 6GB of RAM provides processing power. There’s no mobile broadband, so you’ll need to go through Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 5/802.11ac) or use your smartphone as a wireless hotspot while traveling.

Battery life is good

After fully charging at the beginning of the day and using the Xiaomi Pad 5 as a power source for communication during the workday, followed by watching TV and reading, I never ran out of 8720mAh battery. However, charging is slow and there is no longer any feature of xiaomi 11T Pro’s ultra-fast HyperCharge, which is very annoying.

In the end, the Xiaomi Pad 5 is a soft tablet with Android 11 with a solid design, a nice 120Hz screen, long battery life and good speakers. If your current tablet gets too long and you’re satisfied with the 11-inch form factor, you may need to check it out.

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