Data Protection Tips In 2022

Data Protection Tips In 2022

Data Protection : It is likely that regardless of whether you have recently or very widely used the network, at some point you have had the need to present data to a page or have only saved information in the memory of your computer or in the cloud, something that is undoubtedly completely normal, but what if all that information provided by you, are you vulnerable to being seen or stolen by others because you made a configuration failure or something more human? It is certainly a reason to be alarmed.

What Is A Data Leak?

This failure occurs when information that is sensitive is unintentionally exposed to third parties. When by a mere configuration error or an error on the part of the user that was neglected at some point, which can occur in two ways. The first way is when the exhibition is in transit, that is, it is done at the time of sending an email, chat rooms or social networks and the second an exposed exhibition, which is the one made at the time of uploading a document in the cloud.

Which means that the vulnerability of the information in this case, has as a determining factor a human error, therefore, many could think that despite the leakage of information there is no problem or that simply no one noticed it, because nobody has really attacked it and therefore the information was only lost, but, the truth is that in most cases of information theft or “Data Breach”, which, if done by cybercriminals, originally start with an involuntary leak of information that they only took advantage of.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Give My Attention To This Matter?

In the event that it is not left from the beginning, clear the idea of how worrying the loss of personal information is, just consider Spear Phishing, which is a type of scam through false emails, which seem to come from legitimate accounts in which personal data is requested, in addition to alarms with requests for password changes or user recovery, for any page you use, from a bank to Instagram.

And if that is not enough, there is also the Doxing, which is a little more personal because it properly tries to attack you as a user, filtering or publishing information about your little secrets on the network, with the idea of extorting you. But not only to you, but also to your family, companies and friends.

What Should I Do To Prevent Data Leakage?

Understood that as human beings no matter how cautious we are, we always have the tendency to make certain mistakes, we simply cannot believe that paying extra attention when sending or receiving information will be enough. Therefore, first of all, try to have an automatic data detection and configuration on your device, so that all that information classified as ROT is eliminated leaving the space for the information that you really need to protect.

The second best method and the one that is also the most effective, is the protection of the device, which should not only be installed on your computer or laptop, but on any other device that you also use no matter how small it is, and this is where you start talking about Antivirus which we will also do, but the truth is, any of the data security tools help a lot, so that your information is protected. From password management to VPN installation and full vulnerability scans, which are available on the network at very good prices, they will make a big difference when it comes to taking care of your computer back.

Apart from that, you may wonder, What do these protection tools really do?, that is very simple, when managing passwords with programs for it, it ensures that the data is encrypted, the best software in fact do it with AES 256-bit, in addition, if you add to that a Zero-Knowledge architecture and 2FA two-factor authentication that includes biometrics, you will be working with a correct program.

While, when talking about VPN, the programs you acquire for it, will be those that allow you to disguise your IP address, in addition to transiting through a private network, where your data stays there, on the other hand, with vulnerability scans, which can be both online and with an antivirus, specific flaws were detected that you must correct immediately.

Antivirus, Always A Faithful Friend

Initially, an antivirus detecting and eliminating computer viruses was enough, but that was thirty years ago. The changes that technologies have brought, have also brought a new barrier regarding the protection of devices, therefore, it is necessary to contemplate many more aspects when choosing a protection software, presenting the great question: How can I choose a good Antivirus? whether for the PC, laptop or mobile phone, that it is not so expensive and that it fulfills what it promises, something that may seem difficult, but it really is not.

Nowadays, a good security software will no longer be the one that tries only to protect from viruses, but also the one that tries to protect with firewall, protection against cybercrime when browsing the Internet that is the main issue in this aspect, protection against ransomware, VPN protection against monitoring that are also given in the best programs of the year 2022, in addition to the censorship of third parties, because believe it or not, whenever you use a device, someone is watching it.

Only, if you take into consideration all these tips that have been elaborated by the professionals who spend their time repairing this type of information leaks, (even those that are massive), you can be really sure, that both your information and that of other people who use your device or your network, will be really safe when browsing, when sending and saving information. And, if you are one of those people who thinks that you really do not have data that can be violated, consider that idea a little, because the truth will surprise you.

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