What Is Incognito Mode In Google Chrome?

What Is Incognito Mode In Google Chrome?

Incognito Mode : Today we bring up the most used browser to tell you something that we have been using wrong all our lives: Google’s incognito mode. It turns out that it doesn’t protect us as much as some think, but is rather a small shield for those around us.

What does this mean? Well, although it is true that some protection does offer us, it is not even close to what many people think. Therefore, so that you do not take any kind of displeasure, we tell you what chrome’s incognito mode is, what things it does not do and what you should use it for. You’re going to hallucinate with this!

Is Incognito Mode A More Secure Connection?

For some strange reason, without anyone telling us at any time that this is so, we believe that by activating chrome’s incognito mode we become internet ninjas. We think that from there we can do everything we want without anyone knowing, and the truth is that this is not the case at all. We are sorry to be the ones who put your feet on the ground, but it is preferable to know it than to screw up to the bottom.

True, once we choose to exit incognito mode, if we have not logged in with a Google account, cookies are not saved. That is, the temporary files that each visited web page is leaving on our computer. However, both the favorites and the files that we have downloaded remain on the computer. And that’s not to mention that, while we are browsing, we will be completely visible to the websites we visit. That is, we will not have more freedom when browsing, we will not be more anonymous than with the normal mode of Chrome.

But then, is incognito mode safe? No, the only way to guarantee privacy and security in equal parts today is to hire a paid VPN service. It is a protection for our IP, one so effective that not even our ISP, the provider that provides us with the internet network, will know which websites we visit and which we do not. You will know that we are browsing because we will be consuming bandwidth, but it will be impossible for you to determine what kind of activity we are carrying out.

So no, neither the incognito mode on PC nor the incognito mode on the mobile make our connection more secure, banish this idea forever before taking a good displeasure!

Are Your IP Address And Incognito Mode Related To Security?

Actually, the IP address does have to do with security, while the incognito mode is more a matter of privacy. And isn’t it the same? Not really!

Our IP address is our identification number on the internet, like our ID in cyberspace, it is the one that marks our digital trail. Hence, if we want to hide it, we must focus on masking our IP with a good VPN (virtual private network) software.

But then what does incognito mode do on Google? To know what incognito mode is, we must think of a connection within a shared computer in which we do not want to leave much trace. For example, we don’t want our boss to know what searches we’ve done, or that we’ve been visiting sports newspapers during working hours. Be careful with this: if the company hires a special service, you will be able to know it even if we use this Chrome functionality, so be careful!

On the other hand, although there are those who think that the incognito mode has no history, there are ways to see it. How?

  • With free extensions like Off The Record History.
  • Learning to take a look into the bowels of the operating system, taking a look at Chrome’s DNS.

Of course, these things as they look best is with a good example:

  • The incognito mode does not hide the IP, so if we are watching a football game illegally from Google’s incognito mode, some Swat could throw the door down perfectly.
  • However, with a paid VPN it is practically impossible to be detected. For starters, because we can decide ‘from which country we are connecting’ with just a couple of clicks!

Why Use Incognito Mode?

But then let’s see, if it does not offer us a more secure connection to the internet, what is the use of Chrome’s incognito mode? As we have already mentioned, keeping the appropriate precautions, this navigation mode can make our internet browsing a little more private.

For example, suppose we want to buy a gift for our father on Black Friday and that at home there is only one computer. If we are not careful, the browser could play tricks on us and tell you what we have bought, surely it has happened to you once! However, making use of incognito mode this is not a problem. No cookies are stored, no browsing history is saved… as long as you don’t add the product page to favorites or download anything, your action will be virtually undetectable to everyone else using the team.

Another use we can think of? Look for a spectacular recipe and be able to say that it is totally your invention without being hunted. Or visit according to which web pages that would not make you very funny that came to light .Of course, with these things, that we have already told you that your internet providers will continue to see with total clarity everything you do.

On the other hand, whenever we are going to access personal sites, such as our bank’s website or our social networks, we should access it with this mode. This way we will not run the risk of them remaining open or our password being saved. This, at the time when Internet cafes were fashionable, would have been wonderful for us, that of scares and careers that we would have avoided at the time.

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