What Is The Metaverse And What Possibilities Does It Offer Us In The Future?

What Is The Metaverse And What Possibilities Does It Offer Us In The Future?

Metaverse : If you have been fortunate enough to play the role of board or, better yet, the role live, you will remember those times with special affection. You had to pull imagination, a lot of imagination, but it was a real joy to play to be who you were not. Now, you may have been wondering for some time what the Metaverse is, a concept that promises to revolutionize the world of entertainment, but also the world in general.

Since Facebook announced that it was changing the name of its business group from Facebook to Meta, the Metaverse is on everyone’s lips. So much so that, if you have some savings, you may even want to invest in the Metaverse, but before we get serious, let’s see a little better what the new digital evolution that awaits us during the coming years consists of.

What Is A Metaverse?

To understand the definition of Metaverse we must understand, to begin with, that we are not talking about a video game. Yes, true, in one of these products we acquire a different identity, but no matter how open the world within it is, neither the experience is immersive nor can we do anything we want inside.

If you remember Second Life, the truth is that it suggested a primitive idea of what a Metaverse could be, but in reality it was still a chat with beautiful graphics.

No, a Metaverse is another roll. The Metaverse is a virtual reality, but not only playful, as we have known it until now, but it is an alternative reality to the one we have been living all our lives. A reality in the cloud that allows you to lead a life on the network or, rather, continue it in cyberspace.

And no, we are not talking about group video calls with people at work, but about a totally realistic environment in which to feel completely integrated. If you have seen Ready Player One you can already get an idea of what we tell you, and if not you are already delaying!

For example, if we talk about the Metaverses and education, the goal will be that students can attend class from home, but feeling that they are in the classroom in person at all times. Around them they will have other students and in front of the teacher, but they will also have an infinity of digital resources that will turn the teaching experience into a real barbarity, nothing to do with current resources, the blackboards and chalks are over!

Types Of Metaverse And Current Projects

Of course, all this Facebook Metaverse, in addition to a real revolution, encloses behind an impressive business that will move unfathomable figures for the human mind  but it’s not just a Mark Zuckerberg thing and his people.

For example, almost at the same time, Nvidia’s metaverse, which the company has dubbed Omniverse, was also presented. And beware, it is even more advanced than the Metaverse of Facebook, so it can give the bell. As you can see, talking about Metaverses and virtual worlds is going to become the most common from now on not much.

True, at first they will be the most elitist and maybe even generalist, since we will not be related to technology nor will it be precisely affordable. However, it is normal that, after the first few years, the different metaverses become increasingly accessible and, why not say it, more specialized.

To the examples of Metaverso of Facebook and Nvidia will be added more specialized ones. Metaverses to travel, to play, to exploit our social skills.. We assume that there will even be metaverses on the deep web to do all that can not be counted on the internet, we have no doubt that each market will have its own digital metaverse and its corresponding market niche!

Now, when will the Metaverse be able to enjoy it? It will be slow, we can assure you. 

What Consequences Can The Metaverse Bring? 

You may already be thinking about the enormous possibilities of the Metaverse with cryptocurrencies, right? Or with any other subject, but think first of all about what you always have to think about when we talk about a technological advance. Will Facebook’s Metaverse and any others that arrive be really safe for users? And we are not only talking about cybersecurity, which also, but about everything that using this technology really implies.

For example, if we use virtual reality glasses for class or for work, for several hours a day on a regular basis, will our eyes suffer any kind of damage? What are the chances that our mind would rather live locked in the metaverse than continue clinging to the real world? With how up to date the issue of mental health is, the truth is that these types of issues must be considered very well. Will the Metaverse even create addiction? They are not issues not to be taken into account, and that is not to mention the physical damage in case of real accident while we are immersed in the metaverse!

On the other hand, we must also talk about electronic threats. Theft of data, replicas of our avatar to act on our behalf in the virtual universe.

It’s not going to be easy, of course, but nothing in this life is. It will be amazing, but there will also be data leakage. It will be expensive, but then it will reach all users. We are not going to deceive you, we are wishing that the Metaverse is a reality, what about you?

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