Prmovies (2022): Watch & Download Latest HD Movies and Web series Online For Free

Prmovies (2022): Watch & Download Latest HD Movies and Web series Online For Free

Prmovies is a very known unauthorized free streaming portal for watching and downloading the most recent movies sans legal rights. Users may watch the most recent films and TV series in various languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and English. It is similar to the other well-known streaming websites, such as 9xmovies, Torrentz2, etc.

Each website provides in-depth information about new releases and links for downloading them. For instance, Prmovies has a separate page for each movie, with the latest released films listed at the top of this page. Some of the pages even have high-resolution movie posters for each movie. 

This site is a top-rated platform for people to keep up with their favorite movies from India and worldwide. It has become the home to thousands of users all over the world. 

This platform provides a high-quality viewing experience, unlike other websites, which often suffer from buffering issues due to poor bandwidth. This site is also pretty fast, making it easier for users to browse various other pages within the site without expecting any delays.

Features Of The Prmovies

There are different ways to watch movies on Prmovies. One of the main ways is to watch and download the web series and movies online for free in high quality and without any registration. On the other hand, users may stream these movies online by directly visiting their website without downloading them.

Here are the best features of the sites that kept users entertained and long-time users:


The site is pretty simple and user-friendly. It has been improved over the years and has become one of India’s most popular streaming sites. This makes it easier for people to find the movies they want to watch without jumping through hoops. 


The website provides access to both dubbed and original movies without much hassle. This means users need not worry about which version of a particular film they plan to watch on the website. The website is dedicated solely to releasing new Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, and Marathi movies. 

The platform is updated

The website is updated regularly to ensure that all users access the latest movies. This ensures they do not miss out on any upcoming film they are waiting to watch.

Huge collection of movies

The website has an immense collection of high-quality movies which users can watch online for free. They also have a vast collection of versions of the same film for those interested in watching any particular version. 

Series & TV Shows

It also has a massive library of TV Series, and Superhit TV Shows that one can easily download or stream online. There is an enormous range of such series, including English episodes and Hindi episodes.

Best video quality

The website maintains the best video quality in its entire library. This provides a good viewing experience to users, and they can watch all their favorite movies without delay.


No registration or sign-up is required to access these movies and TV shows.

Proxy Sites Of Prmovies

Like every pirated site, this site is no stranger to ISP’s infringement acts which got it closed many times. But again, as with every pirated site, the sites come with a new proxy site. Although it is infuriating for the legal parties, it is a reason to smile for endearing users of such sites.

People who are fond of Prmovies and want to keep it in their permanent access can get the updated list of proxy sites of Prmovies automatically with the help of such applications. But the main point here is to get the best premium VPN provider that helps bypass firewalls and unblock Prmovies and many other blocked websites. 

The website owners set up certain domains or proxy sites via which users may log in and obtain the necessary material. Some of the domains that are currently being worked on are mentioned below. Some proxy sites are as follows:

  • Prmovies.vp
  • Prmovies.trend

How To Use Prmovies And Access Movies?

The procedure to use Prmovies is straightforward. It is similar to other streaming sites like 13377x. Download your favorite movie or web series by following the steps:

  • A user must visit the site and enter the movie name in its search box on the website’s homepage or directly go on the Search movies tab (also called Categories). 
  • Clicking on any of these options will directly redirect you to that particular movie page, where you will be able to get information related to that movie along with download buttons for downloading it online.
  • The next step is to select the version you want to watch from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click on either download or stream tabs to easily watch the movie online in both modes. 
  • Finally, click on the play button at the bottom of any search results page, and you will be prompted that it may take a few seconds to load up in your browser and then begin playing.

Prmovies has free streaming and downloading options for all its movies, so users do not need to worry about whether they have watched a particular movie within their free time limit.

What Are The Categories Listed In Prmovies?

As mentioned in the intro of this article, Prmovies is a known unauthorized free streaming portal for watching and downloading the most recent movies. And users worldwide chime into this site as it hosts a range of categories and genres, which will keep them entertained. 

Bollywood Movies

This is probably the most viewed category of Prmovies. It hosts all the popular Bollywood movies released in Hindi and English dubs.

Action Movies

The site also provides access to India’s most popular action movies, which are watched by both Indians and non-Indians. And it also enables users to download these movies online for watching later on their devices. 

Comedy Movies

These are also a favorite among Indian audiences who get entertained by watching other people’s views on life matters and making fun of themselves and one another. 

Hollywood movies

This category has a vast collection of movies from Hollywood movies which are also available in Hindi and English.

Telugu Movies

The site is also home to a massive collection of Telugu Movies which many users across the globe appreciate. 

Tamil Movies

The site is a favorite with people who are fond of watching Tamil movies and streaming them in good HD quality without any hassle. 

Kannada movies

This website has a vast collection of Kannada Movies, which can be watched online for free if registered or downloaded from its official website directly. 


The site is a great fan of wrestling; hence, its website has a dedicated section for such series.


This is also one of the most viewed sections on Prmovies, which provides access to the most popular documentary films in India and worldwide, including Hollywood and Bollywood films in this category. 


These are the most widely viewed category on Prmovies, which provide access to popular Romantic movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. 


This is also a favorite section of Prmovies which provides access to the most popular Animation movies in India and worldwide.

Is It Legal To Use Prmovies?

No. It is illegal. Prmovies is a free streaming site that hosts copyrighted content from many movie and TV show producers. However, the site was created with the motive to share good quality movie streaming and to download links with users who are categorized. 

But many legal agencies are actively destroying this platform and its content as it does not have any legal license to host such videos online without paying a cent to the rightful owners of such videos.

It has been estimated that millions of users of Prmovies across the globe use it for watching and downloading high-quality movies without paying a single penny to watch or download. But there are many cases of people getting arrested for using this site illegally or downloading things from it illegally. 

Alternate Sites To Prmovies

Similar to Prmovies, below are some other websites that are similar in nature and content, but their purpose may be different.


9xmovies prmovies alternate

The site is also similar to Prmovies in terms of content. Here users can watch and download TV Shows, Movies, Live Streams, and much more.



123MoviesOnline is also similar to Prmovies as it offers high-quality streaming of movies and videos, but with one difference you can only watch the content there. You can’t download anything here.



Worldfree4u is a free streaming service that allows users to stream the latest movies in HD quality without paying any subscription fee. Users need an Internet connection and a device with HTML5 plugins for playing these movies online, but users will get only limited access to this site without registration.

FAQs On Prmovies

Q) How to download Prmovies?

A: While watching movies online through Prmovies in a web browser, we can only stream the videos by clicking on the play button at the bottom of any search result page. But to download or save that movie or video on our devices for later use, we need to create an account on this platform. 

Once we have created an account, it will be possible for us to access all its content, including movie and TV show links which can be downloaded from the site itself. 

Q) Difference between free streaming and downloading

A: Free streaming on Prmovies is similar to watching a movie free of cost by only clicking on the play button when it is about to start. But for downloading or saving that movie or video on our devices for later use, we need to create an account with it and then get access to all its content, including movie and TV show links which can be downloaded from the site itself. 

Q) Do I need an Account?

A: While there is no registration, login, or password required for using this site, you do need an account with it to be able to download movies from this site either for watching or saving. Creating an account and accessing all its content is quickly done by clicking on the “create account” option at the top of its homepage. 


Prmovies is an excellent platform for people who love watching movies and need a platform to do so on. It has been estimated that there are millions of users across the globe who are using it for streaming and downloading movies for free without having to pay a single penny. 

But the same thing may not be true of users from India, as there have been several cases of legal action taken against users from this country who were caught downloading or watching such content from the site illegally or even those who were looking for legal ways to download or watch those movie or TV shows that they like.

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