What Is An Invisible Lock And What Are Its Advantages

What Is An Invisible Lock And What Are Its Advantages

Invisible Lock : Safety is one of the most important things for human beings. And one place where we should and seek to feel safe is in our home. For this, different security mechanisms and devices have been devised. In this case we will talk about one of them: the invisible lock. We will explain what it is and what its advantages are compared to other devices of this type.

What Is An Invisible Lock?

A lock is a security mechanism for doors and windows. There are many types, because as the security industry has evolved, more efficient, reliable and force-resistant systems have been innovated.

In the case of invisible locks, they have an electronic system, which activates and deactivates their internal mechanism. One of the features of this type of lock is that it can be activated by means of a remote control or a mobile application affiliated with the phones authorized for this.

Advantages of an invisible lock

Thanks to its advanced technology, an invisible lock has qualities that make it more advantageous than traditional security devices.

Security level

One of the biggest advantages of invisible locks is that their opening and closing mechanism is hidden from the naked eye; which makes it safer, forcing techniques such as bumping, very famous among thieves.

Another example of the security it provides is that the keys being electronic, through a remote control or digitally on your phone, it is possible to change the codes. This represents a great advantage if you get to lose a device affiliated with the lock. In this way it will be inoperative and they will not be able to access your home with it.

It is important to note that any security system can be invaded or forced. However, these new devices ensure that forcing and invasion is complicated; so much so that it is not convenient to do so. So invisible locks ensure more protection and difficulty for thieves who use methods such as bumping and hooking.


As the name implies, this system is not a simple lock that you see at first glance. This system is located on the inside of the door, and thanks to its electronic mechanism this is not a problem.

This detail is a point in favor for the client, since whoever wants to force the lock will not find it. Some invisible locks have an alarm in case the privacy of the house has been invaded without the respective access code.

They also have a visual alarm through LEDs that warns with sufficient time in advance when the batteries are about to run out. In case the batteries run out, the security system is blocked, preventing the opening to the place. So it is always good to have a trusted locksmith in these cases of unlocking, changing or repairing invisible locks.

Easy installation

Another advantage offered by this kind of lock is its easy installation in any mode of entry or exit of a home or premises. When installing this mechanism they use high-strength screws to fix it to the structure.

It can also be placed using adhesives of great resistance and fixation. This is particularly useful for people who have glass or glass windows or doors. The structure is not damaged or other elements are added to be able to fix the lock; she herself has her adhesive fast and easy to place.

It is not easy to find a serious and efficient company in the installation of security locks. This is crucial to ensure a good job and the proper functioning of this system. The locksmith should combine quality materials at an affordable price: two qualities highly appreciated in the market.

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