Best Gaming Monitors On The Market

Best Gaming Monitors On The Market

Best Gaming Monitors : LG has become the undisputed leader in the gaming monitor market thanks to a catalog of products with a quality beyond doubt. And today we want to talk about its LG UltraGear family, a range where you will find the best monitors to play.

The company knows this sector perfectly, and always seeks to implement the best technologies to offer an unrivaled user experience. And for this reason they are the official partner of gaming monitors of the LEC (League Of Legends European Championship), which makes clear the good work of the brand.

And seeing the technical characteristics of its family of LG UltraGear gaming monitors, it is clear why this manufacturer dominates sales in this sector. Their main weapons? Products with 4K and QHD resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio with 32% more screen compared to a conventional monitor, refresh rates ranging from 144Hz to 240Hz and, of course, 1ms of maximum response speed.

This makes its family of monitors perfect for professional players looking for the best results, or amateur users who want to enjoy a great experience when giving cane to their favorite games.

A Design According To Your Needs

To begin with, the Korean company takes into account the needs of its customers, so with the LG UltraGear range they have found a perfect balance between design and performance.

And there are several factors to take into account. For starters, it’s clear that the look of your gaming space is important. For this reason you can not miss Sphere Lightning, a series of LED lights located behind the screen to offer a great feeling of immersion.

To say that this system of LED lights light up based on the content that is being played on LG’s UltraGear monitor, so the feeling of immersion is surprisingly high. In addition, it allows visual fatigue to be reduced thanks to its lighting according to the sounds and images of the games.

But, in addition to an aggressive design and that will be the envy of your friends, LG has taken into account another very important factor: ergonomics. When we spend many hours playing, we can end up with some overload, or simply fatigue by forcing the posture. Luckily, the solution is as easy as offering a product that you can configure to your liking since it has countless ergonomic options at your fingertips.

4K Resolution, 144 Hz, 1M Response Speed

For starters, LG knows that image quality is vital when buying a gaming monitor, so its UltraGear range includes 4K and QHD models. To this we must add its ultrawide format, with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and 32% more visual field. With this, it will be easier to hunt down your opponents.

As we said, the firm based in Seoul is the great reference in the sector, so it knows perfectly what the needs of users are. And for this reason, all LG UltraGear gaming monitors have 1ms of maximum response speed thanks to its NanoIPS panel, which boasts of offering a visual landscape beyond doubt, in addition to having models ranging from 144Hz to 240Hz.

Doesn’t that seem enough? You may know that the LG UltraGear family has support for the main industry standards, such as AMD FreeSync Premium or G-Sync. And its full HDMI 2.1 ports, with VRR (variable refresh rate) support will make this gaming monitor squeeze the possibilities of your PC or new generation console.

The icing on the cake is put by other technologies such as DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) that minimizes the delay in the input so that you can react quickly to any action since it completely minimizes the LAG. It is also worth highlighting Black Stabilizer, another technology with which you will prevent snipers from hiding in the darkest areas.

Without a doubt, the LG UltraGear family of gaming monitors will be your best ally if you want to enjoy the best gaming experience.

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