The Best Internal Hard Drive (Ranking) – Comparison, Test 2022

The Best Internal Hard Drive (Ranking) – Comparison, Test 2022

It’s no secret. Choosing your new internal hard drive is not as simple as that with the plurality of products on the market.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do to find the perfect product is to keep reading this article.

Western Digital WD Black – Best of All

Capacity: 2 TB

Western Digital offers an internal hard drive with the best features: the WD Black. It is not for nothing that he has won the BCN award consecutively since 2016. This model advances a storage capacity of 2 TB. Its 64 MB cache memory ensures faster response in the write and read processes.

The dual-core processor ensures high responsiveness. In addition, it has a new stabilization system that reduces vibrations. In addition, the data transfer rate via the SATA interface will be 6 GB/s. Without a doubt, the best internal hard drive and the Western Digital WD Black.

Why Buy The Product?

High storage: you won’t run out of free space! The Western Digital WD Black offers up to 2TB of storage memory. It is a product of choice in this ranking to store videos in high resolution.

Dual-core: Uploading large files, such as games or multimedia content, will be done quickly. The internal hard drive is equipped with a dual-core processor that will improve the performance and processing power of all information. The test of this device claims that the processing speed is incredible.

Dynamic cache: The hard drive has a 64 MB cache memory that helps it respond quickly to processes. Add to that dynamic storage that allows for optimal cache allocation during the write and read process.

StableTrac: Innovative StableTrac technology secures the motor shaft from one end to the other. This innovative operation will reduce the vibrations that occur in the PC. As you can see, it has everything to be considered the best internal hard drive of the comparator.

SATA 6 GB: the transmission method will be via a SATA 6 GB/s interface. That is why the speed of data transmission between the disk and other devices will be exceptional. Many reviews are therefore congratulating the great performance of this product.

Certified quality: this model is one of the most remarkable you can choose this year. From 2016 to 2020, the manufacturer received the BCN award consecutively for its performance in recent years.

Warranty: Also a very positive aspect is that this internal hard drive has a 5-year warranty. You will buy it with more serenity.

What do we not like?

No cables included: The manufacturer does not include SATA cables in the offer. It will therefore be necessary to reuse your old cables or buy new ones.

Samsung SSD 860 EVO – Best Value For Money

Capacity: 500 GB

The Samsung SSD 860 EVO is a very interesting option in this comparison, since it can process data up to 550 MB / s, thanks to its TurboWrite technology. It supports data encryption hardware, so it is a very secure hardware. But still, it is offered with excellent value for money.

This hardware has exceptional speed with Linux operating systems thanks to the ECC algorithm and MJX driver. In addition, firmware updates regularly improve the product’s protection system. If you are looking for one of the best internal hard drives of 2022, then you should not neglect this model.

Why buy the product?

TurboWrite: one can perform several tasks at once without suffering from latency with this hard drive. Read and write speeds of up to 520MB/s and up to 550MB/s provided by TurboWrite technology are no surprises. The speed of this device places it among the most attractive of the comparator.

V-NAND: This cheap internal hard drive will give you up to 8 times more TBW capacity than its predecessor. It can reach 2400 TBW thanks to the new V-NAND technology. With the latter, the playback of content in 4K and 3D is done in the best conditions.

Data encryption: your personal data is safe! Indeed, the AES 256-bit, GTC Opal or IEEE 1667 encryption hardware included in this hard drive perfectly secures your data. The test of this device indicates that the level of security here is optimal.

Compatible with Linux: The compatibility of this hardware with the Linux operating system is guaranteed, thanks to the inclusion of the ECC algorithm and the MJX driver. A detail that did not fail to arouse many positive opinions.

Update notification: You will know when a firmware update is available because you will receive automatic notifications. Your internal hard drive will always be conditioned in such a way as to offer you optimal performance.

Design: The 860 EVO series of hard drives adapts to any type of desktop or laptop computer. You will have at your disposal the 2.5-inch, m.2 and m.SATA models, which are compatible with many computers.

What do we not like?

Packaging: Some users have reported that the packaging is susceptible to damage. So you need to check that the disk arrived in good condition (if you bought it through Amazon).

Data migration: The brochure provided by the manufacturer does not specify that you will need a USB to SATA cable to perform the process of migrating data from the computer to the SSD. If you do not have this cable, you will need to purchase it separately.

TOSHIBA P300 – Large capacity

Capacity: 3 TB

With TOSHIBA’s internal hard drive, load times will be minimal in multitasking on your PC. This device gives you up to 3TB to store all your important data. Thanks to its PMR and TMR technologies, it optimizes the use of space for better performance.

The risk of the reading head and the rest of the material coming into contact is minimal, thanks to the ramp-loading design. With its SATA input, it guarantees to be compatible with any type of PC. Another strong point: the robust construction of this internal hard drive which is a guarantee of its reliability.

Why buy the product?

Storage capacity: it will be perfect for storing a large amount of files! The 3TB capacity of this hard drive will allow you to store countless files, including photos and videos in high resolution.

Read and write: The read and write speed of the P330’s internal hard drive is 6 GB/s. This means that the transfer of all your data will be done very quickly. That is why you will find so many favorable opinions on the effectiveness of this device in this ranking.

PMR and TMR: Thanks to PMR and TMR technologies, enjoy a more efficient use of storage space. These make each process more accurate and hard drive loading times are significantly reduced.

Ramp-Load: A shock detector, combined with Ramp-Load technology, prevents the drive cursor from coming into contact with the disk. Therefore, the test of this device states that one can hope to use it for many years.

High reliability: The P300 promises to be highly responsive thanks to the two-stage actuator that improves positioning accuracy by canceling out the effects on head rail alignment caused by vibrations. This makes read and write speeds more accurate.

SATA port: The SATA port on the hard drive will allow you to connect it with any desktop or laptop computer.

What do we not like?

A little noisy: this model can become a little noisy at full speed. Despite this, it is a highly recommended device in this internal hard drive ranking.

Crucial MX500 – Incredibly Fast

Capacity: 500 GB

Your PC will boot up in seconds with the Crucial MX500. Indeed, this internal hard drive is equipped with a system of flash memory cells that ensures read/write speeds of up to 560 MB / s. This is one of the best options in this ranking to perform large data transfers very quickly.

256-bit AES hardware encryption will prevent hackers from accessing your data by encrypting it. If this is your first PC assembly, you will be happy to know that the manufacturer accompanies its product with a practical guide that will show you step by step the right procedure to follow to install the hardware.

Why buy the product?

Super fast: your PC isn’t responsive enough? Then the Crucial MX500 hard drive is for you. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your computer will boot up, thanks to this model’s flash memory cell system. All your transfers will be faster and your software will launch faster.

Sequential read/write: The read/write speed will be adapted to the type of file you decide to download. You will have a sequential function of 560 MB/s and a random function of 95k. As you can see, the speed of this disk is one of the most remarkable in this comparison.

Good capacity: in addition to being fast, this hard drive advances a storage space of 500 GB. You will be able to store all your photos, images, videos, music, important documents and more.

State-of-the-art components: The MX500 internal hard drive is backed by respected manufacturer Micron, which collaborates with their innovative 3D NAND flash memory technology. Based on the tests performed on the device, we guarantee that you will have the best components in your computer.

Well secured: are you worried that hackers will steal your precious data? This will not happen to you with the MX500 drive. This model stands out in this ranking with the 256-bit AES encryption hardware that effectively protects your data. These will be in good hands with this hard drive.

Step-by-step guide: Crucial offers its customers a step-by-step guide, thinking of beginners and people with little knowledge of hard drive installation. You won’t have to worry if you don’t have previous experience.

Qualification tests: If there is one thing that is crucial, it is that your equipment is of quality. That’s why they make it a point of honor to constantly test their discs so that the finished product does not disappoint their customers. This is a very reliable device for your PC.

Failure Protection: In the event of a power outage, this internal hard drive has a feature that protects all stored data. It is impossible for this device to lose your information!

What do we not like?

GB usable: despite the 500 GB capacity of the disk, only 465 GB will be usable, or 7% for other files.

Seagate BarraCuda – Totally Reliable

Capacity: 2 TB

The Seagate BarraCuda is one of the best internal hard drives in comparison with its ability to transfer data very quickly. Its 2TB storage capacity will allow you to back up thousands of photos and videos. And when it comes to security, Instant Secure Erase hardware will provide the best encryption for the information you’ll store on that hardware.

The read and write processes will be fast, thanks to the multi-level caching technology. In addition, after-sales service is guaranteed since the Seagate team is at your disposal in case of problems. So there will be no unpleasant surprises with this product.

Why buy the product?

Large capacity: Store hundreds of photos and videos, apps, games, and more on this 2TB hard drive. Its large space is one of the reasons that earned it its place in this internal hard drive ranking.

Transfer speed: This model is equipped with a SATA port for fast file transfer at 6 GB/s. Forget the waiting hours for the transfer of very large files! The test of this device shows that we do not waste time with its performance.

Tiered cache: The Seagate BarraCuda features innovative tiered cache technology. This will optimize the reading and writing process. The loading times of all your programs will be significantly reduced.

Instant Secure Erase: When you use a BarraCuda drive, all your information is stored securely. Instant Secure Erase hardware will fully protect your data with self-encryption technology. You won’t have to worry about hackers gaining access to your data because you have one of the most protected devices of 2022.

Expert Help: After purchasing a Seagate internal hard drive, you’ll get advice from a group of experts in the field. These specialists will be there to answer all your questions regarding data recovery, breakdowns, installation and others.

256 MB cache: An exceptional 256 MB cache allows you to store input data in your recurring programs. It will contribute to the speed of response of the processes that this hard drive runs.

What do we not like?

Delta Freebox support: the BarraCuda is fully compatible with the Freebox Delta NAS server, the only detail is that it will take the place of two disks and you will not be able to completely close the server cover.

Not compatible with PS3 or PS4: Not compatible with PS3 or PS4, as they support hard drives with a maximum thickness of 9 mm. However, it will work perfectly on PCs.

Western Digital WD Caviar Blue – Best Cheap Internal Hard Drive

Capacity: 1 TB

Western Digital’s Caviar Blue is equipped with NoTouch ramp loading technology, which will prevent the loss of your information. In addition, you will have Acronis True Image WD Edition software for disk cloning, among other features. Very affordable, this is the best cheap internal hard drive in this comparison.

Its 1TB storage capacity will allow you to store a large volume of files comfortably. Plus, it’s compatible with virtually every PC and all-in-one computer on the market, so you’ll have no problem installing it on yours. WD’s products are subject to thorough quality control to ensure they will last as long as possible. This cheap product has everything to please.

Why buy the product?

Storage and speed: there is enough to store many images, videos and applications with the 1 TB of this hard drive. In addition, the data transfer is very fast. The capacity of this cheap product has earned it the best reviews in this comparator.

NoTouch: WD guarantees that your data will be safe and that you will not lose it. NoTouch ramp loading technology prevents the head from coming into contact with the disc surface and causing failure or damage.

Acronis True Image WD Edition: This is software for downloading free content, making backups or cloning hard drives. This technology was very well seen during the test of this cheap product.

Maximum durability: Western Digital carries out a detailed process and quality control of its products, so that they are made to last. AND this cheap internal hard drive is no exception to the rule. The user even benefits from a 2-year warranty!

Designed for PCs: The standard design of the Caviar Blue hard drive makes it compatible with all PCs and all-in-ones available on the market – it will be perfectly suited to your computer!

What do we not like?

Exclusive for Windows: WD drives are designed for use with Windows operating systems only, so they won’t be suitable with Linux and Mac OS. This should be taken into account before choosing it.

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