The Future Of Computers

The Future Of Computers

Computers : The personal computer (PC) is the dean of technological products . With more than 50 years of history behind it since the launch of the first personal computer (the Kenbak-1, in 1971), it resists market trends against all odds and continues to be one of the most prominent devices in most markets. homes.

Despite the popularity of these teams, they have faced a difficult context in recent years in terms of sales for various reasons, with the notable exception of the COVID-19 pandemic , when the market experienced a boom to allow teleworking to be a reality. 

According to the most recent data from Counterpoint Research , during the second quarter of 2022, 71 million units of personal computers were sold worldwide, which represents a drop of 11.1% compared to the previous year. It is the steepest decline in the market since 2013 .

Looking to the future, the PC faces a panorama with difficulties but also with some uncertainty. It estimates that the PC market will grow at a rate of 8.5% per year until 2025 .

Will The Computers Of The Future Be More Expensive Or Cheaper?

The prices of computers can be very different depending on the characteristics of each product, ranging from the 300 dollars that the cheapest Chromebooks can cost to the price of the Mac Pro in its maximum configuration: no less than 60,000 dollars.

But what will be the trend that they will follow in terms of price in the coming years? Neither experts nor brands agree on this issue. Others believe that the costs to the consumer will remain essentially the same. 

However, the executive does not rule out that in the high ranges the prices will rise in the coming years “as long as it is justified with innovation”.

Its rivalry with tablets: how will it evolve?

Among today’s catalog of electronic products, one device has traditionally been identified as the most prominent potential rival to the future PC, especially laptops: tablets.

However, all the participants in this article agree that these are complementary markets and that tablets will not make the personal computer disappear, far from it .

“After a few years of living together, it has been possible to verify that tablets and PCs are fully compatible,” as a spokesperson for the technology brand Realme points out. 

Will the fall in PC sales continue?

While it’s not particularly surprising that post-pandemic record sales figures have pushed down PC market figures, forecasts such as flat growth that IDC estimates for the industry through 2026 are certainly worrying.

Will sales pick up when the effect of COVID-19 wears off? Or will his fall continue?

Manufacturers like Xiaomi encourage caution and wait for the market to fully return to normal after booming demand. 

“PCs have fallen in sales, yes, but they will stabilize because the time to compare with the pandemic season will have passed, which will not happen with tablets, since they are not considered essential equipment such as a smartphone or a PC. to work”, as Arena points out.

Experts also expect the market to stabilize but in some cases they do not rule out adjustments in the market share of personal computers.

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