The Best Connected Speaker (Smart) – Comparison 2022

The Best Connected Speaker (Smart) – Comparison 2022

Best Connected Speaker : I think you will agree with me: The market offers a ton of smart speaker offerings.

Therefore, choosing the right model can be confusing.

Comparison Of The Best Connected Speakers

Bose Home Speaker 500 – Best of All

Size: 10.9 x 16.9 x 20.3 cm

Listen to your favorite songs differently with this smart speaker that has several features that make its use more comfortable. This is partly thanks to the Alexa voice assistant, with 8 microphones that pick up your voice seamlessly, even when the music is loud.

The 2 speakers generate a “flip” effect that ensures that the sound covers the whole room. In addition, the sound quality is very decent, and there is no distortion even at high volume. The device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and thus allows you to listen to music from Spotify or YouTube. AirPlay 2 lets you connect it to another speaker so you can stream the same music to two different rooms. That’s why the best connected speaker is the Bose Home Speaker 500.

Why buy the product?

Efficient speakers: its 2 powerful speakers project the sound at 90 ° and use the walls to distribute the sound. His test then indicates that with this unique system, the sound reaches all corners of the room well.

Built-in assistant: User reviews have praised the integration of the Alexa voice assistant on this connected speaker. And voice commands don’t stop at controlling music streaming, they also involve internet browsing, information searching, weather, controlling home appliances and many more.

Voice reception: the use of Alexa is very comfortable with this model as Bose has equipped it with 8 microphones. It is not necessary to speak loudly to be heard by the voice assistant even when being away from the speaker. A detail that distinguishes this product from others in this comparator.

Wireless connection: The smart speaker has WiFi and Bluetooth. It is used to listen to music on Spotify and YouTube or to stream your songs from your smartphone or tablet.

AirPlay 2 function: Thanks to Apple’s AirPlay 2 function, it is possible to pair the speaker with another to better distribute the sound. Thus, the same music can be played in 2 different rooms.

Bose Music: With the Bose Music app, volume and tracks are controlled from your phone or tablet.

Digital display: On the front, you’ll find a handy small digital screen that shows all the information about the current song.

What do we not like?

Power cable a little short: the power cable is a little short, so you will have to place the connected speaker near an outlet.

Sonos One – An Amazing Multiroom System

Size: 12 x 12 x 16.1 cm

The Sonos One Smart Speaker will let you enjoy your music with exceptional sound quality. In addition, AirPlay 2 technology allows you to sync it with an Apple product to stream the same song simultaneously, in 2 different rooms. Everything is handled comfortably from the TruePlay app.

The 2 speakers of this model stream the songs without distortion or loss, so you will still be able to enjoy your favorite music with the best quality. This connected speaker integrates Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants. Just state the commands to start music from Spotify or YouTube, listen to the news, set alarms, listen to your favorite internet radio and much more. Not to mention, it can connect with other One speakers to work as a single unit.

Why buy the product?

Powerful speakers: the 2 speakers of this speaker provide all the power necessary to offer an immersive listening experience. In addition, they guarantee to properly cover an entire room by having D-type digital amplifiers.

AirPlay 2 technology: AirPlay 2 connects iPhone, iPads, other speakers, and TVs to the One smart speaker without the need for cables. Thus, you will be able to listen to music while watching TV, or stream a song from your phone.

Voice assistant: the test of this model was a real success as it integrates not one step, but three voice assistants, including “Alexa” from Amazon, “Siri” from Apple and Google Assistant. So you don’t need to get up from your chair to start music, search for information on the internet, turn on the radio, listen to the news, control other devices, or turn the volume up and down.

TruePlay app: The TruePlay app allows you to control the connected speaker from the smartphone in a convenient way. It is also the best way to calibrate the speakers in order to optimize the sound in the room, avoiding unpleasant echoes.

Water resistant: it is one of the best connected speakers in the comparison by being equipped with a waterproof shell and withstanding moisture well. So take it to the pool or the beach in peace.

What do we not like?

YouTube Music can be improved: YouTube Music doesn’t work quite perfectly. Some songs are slow to play and have some latency.

No Deezer: unfortunately, this model does not include Deezer. If you want to take advantage of the services of this application with this connected speaker, you will have to do some research on the internet.

Amazon Echo Studio – Best Value for Money

Size: 21 x 18 x 18 cm

Amazon has designed a connected speaker that integrates several innovative technologies and whose price remains affordable. One of its most notable features is the large number of speakers it has, allowing it to deliver deep bass and clear treble. In addition, Dolby Atmos technology improves sound quality and will fully immerse you in your songs.

With a simple voice command, you’ll be able to control the volume, search the internet, listen to the news, or ask Alexa to play music on Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, or Spotify. But still, it is also used to control connected devices in the home such as a coffee maker, a washing machine or lighting. If you do not know which connected speaker to choose in 2022, the Amazon Echo Studio could well delight you with its beautiful performance and cheap price.

Why buy the product?

Many speakers: you will benefit from a solid sound, thanks to its 5 speakers. They are cleverly arranged so that the sound can be effectively propagated. Not only will your songs be listened to with a precise sound, but the bass will be deeper and the treble clearer and more balanced.

Dolby Atmos Technology: Dolby Atmos technology offers an immersive and exciting listening experience. The test of this cheap speaker shows that the sound covers the whole room well, no matter where it is placed.

Adjustable acoustics: the smart speaker makes sure to adapt to the acoustics of the room to broadcast the best possible sound. This function helps to avoid unpleasant echoes in large rooms and sound saturation in small rooms.

Voice commands: this connected speaker is particularly simple to use. You just need to give Alexa a few commands to start the music, listen to the news, check the weather and more. Opinions have been only positive about its ease of use.

Good compatibility: this model impresses in this comparator by being usable with many music applications such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and Spotify.

Home Assistant: In addition to serving to listen to music, the Amazon Echo Studio is also a great home assistant. With this connected speaker, one can turn on the lights in the living room, turn on the coffee maker or turn off the TV using Alexa.

Excellent value for money: to mention only its efficiency, its ingenious design and its exemplary comfort of use, we can only fall under the spell of this product. And Amazon will benefit a maximum of users with its very reasonable price.

What do we not like?

Microphones are not very powerful: Alexa may not hear your voice if the sound is too loud, so you’ll need to turn down the volume before giving voice commands.

Amazon Echo Show 5 – Excellent Display

Size: 14.73 x 8.64 x 7.37 cm

The Amazon Echo Show 5 isn’t just a smart speaker, it’s a multifunction device that will make your life easier. Its 5.5-inch screen allows you to make video calls, watch videos on YouTube, series and movies like on a tablet. Its powerful speakers give you rich, distortion-free and high-fidelity sound.

Alexa will allow you to set alarms to wake you up in the morning, check the news, weather, and manage other devices such as your surveillance cameras, lights, and appliances. In addition, it is compatible with almost all audiovisual content applications, such as Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Spotify, LCI, Akinator and many more.

Why buy the product?

Clear sound: it was proven in its test that you can only enjoy powerful sound with this smart speaker. You’ll hear the dialogues of movies and series distinctly and have fun savoring all the details of your favorite songs. Video calls will also be heard very clearly with high sound.

Great screen: You’ll love watching youTube shows, movies, and videos on this connected speaker’s large 5.5-inch display. The image will be as true as life, with realistic colors and deep shadows.

Voice control: If you want to listen to music, check the news or search for information on the internet, simply give alexa the order. An ease of use that is very well seen in this comparison.

Multifunction: This model has received only positive reviews due to its multifunctionality. This smart speaker is not only made to entertain but also to help with everyday tasks such as waking up, checking surveillance cameras, controlling home appliances, among other things.

Great compatibility: The Amazon Echo Show 5 is undeniably one of the best connected speakers of the moment by working with a wide variety of audio applications and broadcast platform. Spend a pleasant afternoon watching series on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Akinator or listening to music on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

Compact design: this model stands out in this comparator for its rather modest dimensions. It will not be difficult to find him a place on the corner of a table. Take it everywhere in the house and listen to music during the bath, while preparing dinner or before bed.

What do we not like?

Limited calls: Video calls are limited to Echo-enabled devices and other electronic devices with the Alexa app.

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