All About New Technology Locks

All About New Technology Locks

Technology Locks : In the age of new technologies , locks and cylinders are acquiring new skills to always meet your needs as well as possible. Indeed, there are currently high-performance models of connected locks on the market that can be used without a key for more comfort and above all for optimal security for your home. 

Offered at different prices, these new technology locks will be perfect for equipping your entrance doors and allowing you to be away, even for a long period, without fearing for your belongings. Here’s everything you need to know about these connected locks so you can make your choice more easily.

Motorized And Connected Locks

What could be worse than losing your keys and finding yourself at the door of your home in the middle of the night or in the heart of winter? This kind of incident will no longer happen to you thanks to motorized and connected locks that use the best of new technologies. You should know that connected locks are made up of only one element (the cylinder coupled to the lock) unlike conventional locks. This means that if you need to repair or renovate your lock, you will only have to replace the cylinder, which will allow you to make significant savings on your time and your budget.

The lock is connected to the particularity of opening only when it detects either equipment or the fingerprint of its owner. Indeed, it is possible to use different protocols of door opening  according to preferences:

  • By Bluetooth using a Smartphone application which allows remote control of the lock to open or close a door
  • By Wifi which works like for Bluetooth
  • By remote control which must be installed with a receiver box and different cables for efficient use
  • By fingerprint which works with a very specific application but which turns out to be one of the most effective solutions in terms of security
  • By digicode which is used with a receiver box and which offers a good level of security

These locks therefore do not need a key in order to be used since everything is done using the Internet or electronic boxes. They therefore offer many advantages in addition to ensuring the best security for your home.

Reliable And Efficient Connected Locks

New technology and connected locks are the most reliable and the most efficient. They offer many advantages to ensure your satisfaction and to offer total security to your home or business premises. They are very simple to use and set up because you can call on professional locksmiths who will be happy to meet all your needs as soon as possible. By using high-performance, state-of-the-art equipment, these installations will be of high quality and durable over time. You can ask professional locksmiths for more information. who will be happy to answer all your questions to help you make your choices. There are indeed many high-performance models, from the most classic to the most sophisticated, to enable you to equip your entrance. Thus, your belongings will be guarded even during prolonged periods of absence. Finally, you will no longer lose your keys and you will no longer find yourself in a delicate situation.

In addition, these connected locks will allow you to control door openings and closings remotely by simply downloading an application on your Smartphone or by using a bracelet or a connected watch. You will save time and a real comfort of life.

How Much Does A Smart Lock Cost?

There are different prices depending on the models of connected locks you want to install on your front door. From a hundred euros, you can find the most efficient and effective motorized lock that will meet all your expectations and without having to skimp on quality. You can find more sophisticated models with integrated batteries that will allow you to use them even in the event of a power cut, which can be a big advantage.

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