You Can Protect Yourself From A Cyberattack On Your Mobile

You Can Protect Yourself From A Cyberattack On Your Mobile

Cyberattack : No one is safe from a cyberattack, let’s use the device we use, and assuming that whoever wants to perpetrate it will get it, it is worth taking into account some tips to protect ourselves from one of these attacks, our security. Some tips that esSE, one of the leading cybersecurity firms in the market, has shared with everyone.

Almost all of us spend much of our lives on the mobile phone, which undoubtedly favors that the reward of hackers is high if they can take control of them. ESET shares with us some of those tips with which to have a somewhat safer existence when it comes to mobile devices.

Tips We Can All Follow

What ESET asks of us for our sake is not far-fetched, since it is a series of tips that we can all easily get. One of them is to always keep the antivirus updated. This is an indispensable condition for it to be as effective as possible against possible threats. If it is up to date, it can more easily repel any kind of threat. Having an antivirus is not a guarantee of immunity, it is if it is properly updated.

The same goes for one of the main applications that we all use on our mobiles, WhatsApp. This allows us to communicate with the people closest to us quickly and directly, but it is also one of the simplest ways that criminals have to attack us. There are more than 30 million users of this app, and for that reason we must be very careful with the origin of the messages, always making sure that we know the person who sends them, and of course ignoring any offer or gift that may arrive in this way.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is everything on the network, and although most are legitimate places and stores with normal and legal activity, there is also the opposite. It is our responsibility to do a minimum of research when it comes to buying for the first time in a store. We must check the positive reviews, that the prices, even if they are cheap, are consistent. You also have to check if these stores have your CIF and contact information visible, and once again, that this makes some sense, and to round off the investigation, check if you have a quality certificate.

Wifi networks are also hot spots when it comes to cyberattacks, so it is important to reinforce the antivirus, activate the identification methods in the background, update all the apps that we have installed, use a VPN the first time we connect and configure the security options to avoid automatic connections to these networks. Another interesting tip is to exercise extreme caution with emails and not to open those that already present some type of dubious content, of which we are not sure that it may be legitimate. The same happens with SMS, you always have to read them thoroughly, so we will find inconsistencies in the text that would not be committed by official agencies and companies, as well as more than questionable web addresses.

82% Believe They May Be The Target Of An Attack

This is the percentage of  who think they may be a potential target of a cyberattack. This was reflected in a survey conducted by ESET in the last quarter of 2021. In the case of mobile phones, it is curious how people reduce the level of alertness, with one of these devices that feeling of vulnerability is reduced to 42%. something that is still curious when from the mobile we perform many of the daily tasks that channel most of these attacks.

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