The Best Huawei Phone – Comparison, Test, Review 2022

The Best Huawei Phone – Comparison, Test, Review 2022

Best Huawei Phone : Buying a new smartphone from the Huawei brand is not very easy as there are many good models on the market.

To remove the doubt, we have listed in this comparison the best Huawei phones.

Keep reading to find the model that best meets your expectations.

Comparison Of The Best Huawei Phones

Huawei P30 Pro – Our favorite

Phone screen size: 6.47 inches

Internal storage: 128 GB

If you’re a selfie lover and love to take the highlights of the day, then you’ll especially enjoy the P30 Pro. Featuring a 40 MP rear camera and a 32 MP front camera, it’s the perfect smartphone for great shots. Add to that a powerful zoom of up to 50x and the ability to shoot simultaneously with all 2 lenses.

Its excellent HiSilicon Kirin 980 Octa-Core processor and 8 GB of RAM guarantee to put a smooth and fast mobile phone in your hands. In addition, its large internal memory of 128 GB is an invitation to save as much data as possible without having to use an SD card. In our opinion, the best Huawei phone is the P30 Pro.

Why buy the product?

High Performance: Equipped with HiSilicon Kirin 980 Octa-Core processor and 8GB RAM, this smartphone is among the best Huawei phones in the market. Its test indicates that no application can slow it down.

Huge internal storage: If you like to download and use multiple apps, this phone is for you. Its 128 GB internal memory offers the possibility of storing a large number of files without having to resort to the use of an SD card.

Huawei SuperSpectrum: 4 Leica-designed sensors, including the Huawei Super Spectrum sensor, make up the 40 MP main camera. The front camera which is no less than 32 MP with AI intelligence guarantees to deliver high quality selfies. Reviews have not failed to praise the superb photos produced by this mobile phone.

50x zoom: one of the specificities that distinguish this Huawei phone in this comparator is its zoom capacity that can go up to 50x. That is, even if the target is far from you, you will have no trouble capturing it in detail.

Huawei Dual-View: Thanks to Huawei Dual-View technology, you can use the front camera and the rear camera simultaneously to record videos and create more original shots.

High ISO: High ISO with values up to 409,600 will help you take excellent quality photos at night.

Fingerprint sensor: This phone unlocks its owner’s fingerprints. It is a very popular unlocking mode in this comparison as it is convenient, fast and safer.

IP68 certification: the little plus of the P30 Pro is that it benefits from an IP68 protection rating. This means that it is not afraid of water and dust infiltration.

What do we not like?

No facial recognition: The facial recognition unlock feature is not available on this model.

Huawei P40 Pro – High end range

Phone screen size: 6.58 inches

Internal storage: 256 GB

The Huawei P40 Pro is undoubtedly the most proven model from the Chinese manufacturer. Apart from a whole range of ingenious devices to unlock the phone more practically while strengthening its security, the device is also more robust with IP68 certification. Insurance is therefore at the rendezvous with this product.

This Huawei phone reserves a surplus of energy with the SuperCharge function which will save you the day if the battery is flat. Its HUAWEI Kirin 990 processor and 8 GB RAM are a guarantee of its great performance. And the 256 GB internal memory offers all the space you need to store applications, images, videos and songs in the best conditions.

Why buy the product?

Super fast processor: The P40 Pro is equipped with a Kirin 990 processor and 8 GB RAM which makes it one of the most powerful phones on the market. No app, no game and no multitasking operation will make it shake.

Huge internal storage: we can only have an excellent opinion on its internal memory of 256 GB. This is more than enough for the heaviest applications, to store a ton of images, videos and songs.

Excellent display quality: The display quality of this Huawei phone is exemplary thanks to the 16.7 million colors and the 2640 x 1200p resolution of the 6.58-inch OLED screen.

Ultra vision: its quadruple camera of 50, 40, 12 MP with 3D depth detection, autofocus and stabilization system guarantees to offer natural and colorful photos. And for selfies, you have a 32 MP lens.

Effective zoom: Its 5x, 10x and 50x zoom function allows you to take pictures far away with detail. The product test claims that animal shots captured from a distance are of excellent quality.

Face unlock: Thanks to the face unlock function, the phone opens by scanning the face of its owner. This is a specificity that makes the use of this smartphone more practical but also safer.

Quick Charge: If there’s one feature that users are raving about on cellphones in 2022, it’s the quick charge feature. And the Huawei P40 Pro is not likely to disappoint you on this side in addition to enjoying a very good autonomy.

Resistant: This Huawei phone has very good resistance to water infiltration and dust with IP68 certification. It is one of the models in the comparison that is not afraid of being submerged in water at a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes.

What don’t we like?

Pre- installed apps: EMUI OS does not include pre-installed Google apps and services. However, you can download them from the HUAWEI AppGallery store.

Huawei P30 – Efficient Power Saver

Phone screen size: 6.1 inches

Internal storage: 128 GB

The P30 challenges this comparator by its remarkable energy saving function which increases tenfold the autonomy of its 3650 mAh battery. It is one of the best Huawei phones of the moment with its Kirin 980 processor and 6 GB of RAM. In addition, its internal memory of 128 GB offers the possibility of installing numerous applications and storing countless photos.

The triple rear camera of 40 MP, 16 MP and 8 MP allows you to take splendid photos while the front camera of 32 MP will delight lovers of selfies. In addition, the zoom and the wide-angle lens make it possible to immortalize magnificent landscapes. We can therefore only have positive opinions on this model.

Why buy the product?

Proven Performance: For exceptional performance, the P30 has been equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 980 Octa-Core processor and 6GB of RAM. The phone runs smoothly and quickly even when running heavy tasks at the same time.

Very good internal memory: the test of this model was a real success due to its large internal memory of 128 GB. Here you will have enough space to store your favorite applications, photos, videos and songs without using an SD card.

Leica Lenses: Huawei turns to Leica to perfect its lenses to enable the user to take great photos. The triple rear camera of 40 MP, 16 MP and 8 MP and the front camera of 32 MP will delight photography enthusiasts.

Macro-sensor: thanks to the macro-sensor, you will get closer to your targets up to 2.5 cm to not miss any detail. It is the best Huawei phone to choose for taking outstanding shots like taking a drop of water hanging on a leaf with detail.

Good brightness: Photos taken with this phone will be 40% brighter and sharper thanks to Huawei’s SuperSpectrum sensor and Kirin 980 processor ISP.

Convenient Unlock: No need to enter any codes or passwords to unlock this cell phone as it has a fingerprint sensor. The screen unlocks in no time after you put your finger on the sensor.

Wide-angle lens: Capturing a landscape is done in the best possible way with the wide-angle lens of this phone. It is a perfect model to choose if you love to keep beautiful memories of your travels.

Low Power Consumption: The 3650mAh battery will last much longer because this Huawei phone has a special power saving feature.

What don’t we like?

Cover sensitive to fingerprints: the back cover is rather sensitive to fingerprints. If you like to keep your phone clean, it’s best to invest in a protective cover.

Huawei P40 Lite – Perfect for gaming

Phone screen size: 6.4 inches

Internal storage: 128 GB

The Huawei P40 Lite will delight gamers with the FPS frequency and GPU Turbo that makes any game run smoothly with high details. The Kirin 810 octa-core processor and 6GB RAM will help keep the phone running in top condition. Thanks to the 128 GB internal memory, you can save as many images and videos as you want.

The 1080p resolution of the 6.4-inch FullView Punch screen advances a display quality that is sure to attract the best reviews. The 48 MP quad camera and the 16 MP front camera will make you take impressive quality photos.

Why buy the product?

Super powerful: the P40 Lite is not likely to disappoint the most demanding users in terms of performance with its Kirin 810 octa-core processor and 6 GB of RAM. The test of this Huawei phone shows that it does well in multitasking and launching heavy applications.

Punch FullView: It’s a pure pleasure to watch videos, photos and games on the P40 Lite’s 6.4-inch FullView Punch display with 1080p resolution.

Professional camera: Artificial intelligence helps the rear and front sensors capture quality photos. Thus, its quad rear camera of 48, 8, 2 and 2 MP and the front camera of 16 MP will make you take pictures like a real professional.

Optimal Space: The 128 GB of storage space is more than enough to store all the photos and videos you will take with this phone.

Gaming experience: this smartphone is very appreciated by gamers in this comparison because of the turbo GPU and the FPS frequency which displays games with a high level of detail in complete fluidity. It’s the best Huawei phone people who love mobile games can dream of picking up in 2022.

Smart unlock: This phone offers up to two smart unlock options. Including unlocking by facial recognition and fingerprint.

SuperCharge: although the 4200 mAh battery offers a fairly substantial autonomy, it can still last for a few additional tens of minutes with the Super Charge function.

Curved design: the P40 lite is undoubtedly one of the most elegant phones on the comparator with its curved design on all four sides. In addition, this compact shape allows it to be held well in the palm of the hand.

What don’t we like?

Not IP68 certified: as it is not waterproof, avoid using it in the rain or exposing it to dust.

Huawei P Smart – Best Cheap Huawei Phone

Phone screen size: 6.21 inches

Internal storage: 128 GB

Although Huawei phones have a reputation for being more affordable, it is still possible to find cheaper in the brand’s product line. The P Smart is thus a high-performance smartphone with the Huawei Kirin 710 processor and 4 GB of RAM offered at a more than reasonable price. But still, it has an internal memory of 128 GB expandable up to 512 GB with an SD card.

The photo poses will be there with its dual 13 MP camera and an 8 MP front camera. The 6.21 inch screen will give you an immersive experience when playing games or watching series and movies. Thanks to the facial recognition or the fingerprint sensor, you will unlock the phone in seconds. It’s the best Huawei phone to consider buying in this comparison if you don’t have a big budget.

Why buy the product?

Good fluidity: according to its test, the use of the P Smart promises to be comfortable in all circumstances with the Huawei Kirin 710 processor and 4 GB of RAM. Whether you’re running lots of apps in the background or playing heavy games, this cheap phone shows no weakness.

Immersive experience: the phone to screen ratio is 89%, which makes the most of the setting. The 6.21-inch screen will thus be more immersive.

Double capture: despite its cheap price, the P Smart only had positive opinions on the quality of the photos taken by its dual 13 MP camera. The 8 MP front camera is also very popular with selfie lovers.

Excellent internal memory: the 128 GB of internal memory is very appreciable considering the price of the phone. But still, it is possible to extend it up to 512 GB with an SD card.

Anti-slip coating: The high quality finish and coating of the case gives it an excellent grip. It won’t slip out of your hand even if you’re sweaty.

Face identification: unlocking in seconds is one of the great strengths of the Huawei P Smart in this comparison. Not only does this inexpensive device unlock by facial recognition but also by reading fingerprints.

Superb battery life: This cheap Huawei phone is powered by a 3400 mAh battery that guarantees up to 12 hours of battery life.

What don’t we like?

No dual view: Dual-View technology, which allows the rear and front lenses to be used simultaneously, is not present on this model.

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