Best Ideas To Retain Your Customers

Best Ideas To Retain Your Customers

Increasing the customer base is a logical marketing strategy, no doubt, but that does not mean that the retention of the customers that have been achieved must be set aside . 

There are many tactics that can be implemented together to develop a complete and effective customer retention plan , which implies a necessary adaptation to the needs of the business. Choosing the right ones for each case and applying them in the long term pursues the double objective of keeping those clients, which have cost so much time and effort, and increasing their value to attract new ones.  

New Challenges, New Opportunities

It is logical that, in the current context, in which offers are multiplying, customers are increasingly volatile and demanding , but at the same time opportunities arise to attract them through knowledge of their behavior and the search for virality from customer retention policies. Below, we suggest five ideas to retain customers, whose implementation must be carried out jointly or partially, but always depending on the possibilities and needs of each company:

  • Loyalty programs: Complementary services, such as free parking, discounts on a selection of products that may interest the customer or, for example, points, discounts and a series of differentiating advantages with respect to the competition. In this regard, the intelligent use of databases allows us to provide better service and know personal preferences, which will make it easier to build loyalty, satisfy the customer and encourage purchases.
  • Reward good customers: It is important to offer benefits to premium customers, and to do so within or outside of those same loyalty programs with discounts, depending on their purchase frequency and amount, always trying to avoid comparative grievances that may be offensive.
  • Regular promotions : The promotions seek to incentivize the purchase on a regular basis, either through weekly offers, raffles in which you can participate from a certain minimum purchase or small gifts following the same mechanics. Its intelligent design based on the profile of the typical customer can be effective both in retaining customers and in attracting new ones.
  • Offer novelties: And, in the same way, customers expect to be offered novelties, whether they are novelties in the strict sense, improvements in existing products or services, as well as in logistics or, for example, in accessories. On the other hand, it will also be easier to present them to clients and achieve greater acceptance, since the client with a certain seniority is usually more receptive.
  •  Improve the product or service: Customer retention is related to an aspect as basic as avoiding their loss, and precisely for this reason it is essential that the product and / or service respond in key aspects that convey security, such as quality, stock management and, for example, guarantees regarding the best price and performance. In this sense, it is essential to take maximum care of customer service, use CRM services to manage interactions with customers and carry out satisfaction surveys.

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