10 Real Uses Examples Of Big Data Analytics

10 Real Uses Examples Of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics : The term Big Data Analytics continues to be the fashionable word in business and media environments.

When we randomize the Spotify or Netflix streaming player, when we use Google Maps or ask for an Uber, when Amazon presents us with purchase recommendations based on our tastes, when Twitter shows us the trending topics.

10 Big Data Application Examples

We have summarized below big data applications in 10 areas where installations are currently concentrating and getting the best results.

1. Understanding and segmenting customers

Companies are keen to extend traditional data centers with social media, browsing logs, text analytics, and sensor data to get a complete picture of their customer.

Thanks to big data, they can better predict customer churn. Hypermarkets can better predict which products will sell best, and car insurers can better understand how their customers drive. Even election campaigns can be optimized thanks to big data analytics.

2. Understanding and optimizing business processes

Big data is being used more and more to optimize business processes in companies. In the retail sector, businesses are optimizing their stock based on predictions generated thanks to data from

social networks, web search trends and weather forecasts.

3. Quantification and optimization of personal performance

Big data is not only for companies and for public institutions or large organizations. We can all benefit from the data generated from wearable devices such as smart watches or bracelets. These devices automatically record data on calorie consumption (Fitbit), activity and fitness levels (Google Fit, Apple Watch), or sleep patterns.

Another example where people benefit from big data analytics is to look for cupid. When it comes to finding the best compatible partner, doing so without the help of algorithms and big data techniques would be practically impossible.

4. Improving Public Health

Another area of ​​use of collective massive data is that of the encoding of genetic material. The more users participate, the more benefits are obtained, either to learn more about our ancestors, what diet or food is most suitable for our genotype, or to discover how or why certain genes are activated that can lead to chronic diseases.

By recording and analyzing each baby’s heartbeat and breathing pattern, the unit has developed algorithms that can predict infections 24 hours before the first symptoms appear. 

Big data analytics is also used to monitor and predict the evolution of epidemics and disease outbreaks. By integrating medical record data with social media data analytics, they can detect flu outbreaks in real time simply by listening to what people post on their public profiles.

5. Improving sports performance

Most elite athletes are already adopting big data analysis techniques. In tennis, the  SlamTracker tool  (based on IBM SPSS predictive analytics technology) has been used for a long time in the most prestigious tournaments in the world (Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open).

6. Improving Science and Research


CERN (Swiss Nuclear Physics Laboratory with its Large Hadron Collider), one of the largest generators of data, tries to discover the secrets of the universe thanks to data from the particle accelerator. Although the CERN data center has 65,000 processors to analyze 30 petabytes of data, it is not enough. For this reason, they distribute the computing capacity among thousands of computers spread over 150 other data centers around the world to analyze the data. This otherwise unprocessable distributed computing power is also employed in many other areas of science.

7. Optimizing the performance of machines and devices

Big data analytics is helping machines and devices become more intelligent and autonomous. An example that is already a reality, Google’s self-driving car.

The cars used for the project are equipped with cameras, GPS, internet connection, and a range of computers and sensors that allow the vehicle to drive safely on public roads without the need for human intervention.

Big data analytics tools are also used to optimize energy networks based on data from smart meters. We can also take advantage of these technologies to optimize the performance of servers and data warehouses.

8. Improving security and law enforcement

Big data analytics is being intensively used in security enhancement and law enforcement. The news leaked via Wikileaks that the NSA has been spying on all communications of all citizens. The goal is protection from terrorist attacks.

Other uses of big data technology are found when it comes to detecting and preventing cyberattacks. The AI ​​system created at MIT predicts 85% of cyber attacks . Other examples: Police forces are beginning to use big data tools to track down criminals and even prevent criminal activity. 

9. Improving and optimizing cities

The technology allows traffic flows to be optimized based on data that arrives in real time from traffic, social networks and weather. Some examples: a bus waits to leave automatically due to a delayed plane, traffic signals and traffic lights act automatically to minimize traffic jams.

10. Financial trading

The last area of ​​examples of the use of Big Data that we are going to review, although not of less volume or importance, is that of the application of big data in capital markets.

A series of algorithms to make decisions to buy and sell securities by the millions in fractions of a second, taking into account, in addition to the traditional signals that human traders take into account, such as technical analysis, behavior of raw materials, results of companies, sectors, indices , news in real time, messages from social networks, forums, public statements by personalities, etc. are added. That is, a new type of data (structured and unstructured) that before big data were impossible to handle.

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