The Importance Of Marketing At The Point Of Sale

The Importance Of Marketing At The Point Of Sale

Marketing At The Point Of Sale : The number of purchases made on impulse, especially those goods and services that do not require high involvement and are low cost, show the impact that marketing has on the point of sale. It also demonstrates the importance of a careful presentation of the products and their entire environment, which in a certain way can affect the decision to buy, directly influencing the consumer himself.

Any company that wants to increase its sales ratio , securing a series of constant benefits in the long term, it is essential that it pay attention to marketing at the point of sale, since the way in which a company’s products are presented to the world will determine its image. of this face the consumers.

It is necessary to know at all times in the place that the company’s products are exposed in relation to the products of the competition, and for this reason the company must try that its products are in the hot spots within each store. It is also vitally important that the distributor is supplied and that he always has stock of the company’s product so that the shelves are always loaded with that product and that there is no situation where there is none left and the customer chooses to buy one of the competition.

In addition, at present, marketing within the point of sale has been extended to reach neuromarketing within the same establishment, where they study consumer behavior that, together with psychology, can be very beneficial for long-term sales.

The Point Of Sale And Neuromarketing

Due to technological advances, neuromarketing is becoming more and more common at points of sale; body heat scanners or software prepared to monitor the human eye are some of the new tools that the most demanding points of sale use to understand consumer behavior within an establishment.

But not only through new and advanced technologies can consumer behavior be known or even, as neuromarketing intends, modify it so that it acts in a beneficial way for the company. Some neuromarketing techniques that are often used at points of sale are:

  • The shopping carts . It is no coincidence that supermarket carts are so wide and spacious, as these characteristics make consumers feel the need to buy more to fill them.
  • The products of first necessity in cold zones . Cold areas are those that are not easily accessible, such as the back of the store, a corner, or somewhere behind a column. Well, the points of sale place the essential goods in these areas, because they know that yes or yes the consumer has to go to them to acquire them and in this way they will go through the entire establishment and the safest thing is that they will buy something else of what I needed.
  • The placement of products on the shelves . Although it seems that the products are placed without any sense, nothing beyond reality. The most expensive products or those that provide the greatest benefits to the establishments are placed at eye level for most consumers so that they are easier to acquire. On the other hand, those that are cheaper or that do not urgently give them a faster exit are relegated to the lower shelves.

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