The Best Electronic Batteries For Home

The Best Electronic Batteries For Home

Best Electronic Batteries : The evolution of the electronic version, from the bulky sets of the early seventies to the minimalist and foldable models of today, has made it possible to go from being feared to being the least noisy of the instruments.

Next, we will detail more of the advantages, but this already indicated to you that only what you generate through helmets occupies a minimum space, when its large size was its other handicap, making electronic batteries a more than interesting alternative.

Of those analyzed, we have decided first of all for a very simple design model of the brand with a wide variety of sounds. Ideal to start in the complicated technique of the battery especially for children and teenagers.

In addition, its folding allows you to leave it in any corner without taking up hardly any space and all this for a reasonable price.

There are not a few, on the contrary, who defend, with varied and convincing arguments, that they can never sound like acoustics.

What is undeniable is that with the most traditional rehearsing at home and advancing in the technique is a remote objective that with electronics is at your fingertips. Never better said.

What Is An Electronic Battery?

It is a musical instrument designed as an alternative to acoustic drums. It is a type of synthesizer with the functions of an acoustic or classical drum.

As in this one, it sounds when contacting the drumsticks in the patches that imitate the drums of a battery.

The sound can be played through headphones, the most recommended at home, or through an amplification system if it is already playing in public.

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How An Electronic Battery Works

Hitting a patch with the drumstick creates a potential difference that is captured in the piezoelectric sensors.

The resulting signals are sent to a module via cables and transformed into sound waves that produce the desired battery sound.

In short, sound is emitted by an electronic wave generator or a sampler that produces synthesized sound waves.

We understand as a sampler the electronic device that allows to record sounds digitally to be able to emit them later through a controller installed in a musical instrument.

What Parts An Electronic Battery Has

We distinguish two fundamentals:

  • Battery module: It is the brain of the instrument. Through it you can choose the sounds you want to accompany you. It also controls volume and sensitivity settings to determine the precise force to trigger sounds. It also incorporates the sockets and connectivity ports (USB, Midi, audio).
  • Patches: They are the elements on which it is hit.

Types of patch of an electronic battery

  • Rubber: The most traditional and used for decades. Cheap and reasonably effective.
  • From Mylar: They use the same material normally used in acoustic drums. They are noisier than higher quality patches (such as mesh or silicone).
  • Mesh: Synthetic materials stretched on a ring in much the same way as a real acoustic drum is designed. They are more sensitive and allow you to practice battery dynamics much more effectively. They also tend to be quieter.
  • Silicone: High quality. They bounce less than mesh ones.

What are the advantages of an electronic battery

We have already advanced in the introduction the two main ones: play without disturbing anyone and keep the battery folded in a minimum space. They are not the only ones:

  • Ideal for beginners: To advance in the battery technique you have to spend many hours and nothing better than an electronic for it. Many of them also bring modes of practice and didactic complements.
  • Professional evolution: It is not incompatible to emphasize that it is ideal for beginners and that they are an optimal option also for professionals. This appreciation has a lot to do with the dizzying evolution of these instruments. Already the slightest blow, for example, can be detected and reproduced with high-sensitivity mesh patches. Some electronic saucers have sensors that can detect when the saucer is being turned off so it doesn’t resonate. Special electronic patches for acoustic drum sets can even be purchased. Thus, when touched, an activated electronic sound will be generated. Some professionals opt for it when they want an electronic sound without giving up the acoustic drums.
  • Greater sound variety: The instrumental combinations derived from the ‘brain’ of the electronic drums are very numerous. With a single set you can adjust the sound and style to any musical genre.
  • Comfort: In addition to the space saving already mentioned, the convenience of assembling and disassembling an electronic battery is no less, which is often enough to deploy, with the time and effort required to do the same with a traditional battery.
  • Hearing protection: The damage that can be caused to the ear by the frequent use of an acoustic battery is considerable. In the case of electronics, this risk disappears.

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