How To Create A Successful Professional Network

How To Create A Successful Professional Network

Professional Network : When we start our entrepreneurial project, probably one of the things that most concerns us when the business is thriving; it’s how to create a successful professional network. Mainly if we are immersed in situations that merit the support of other companies and professionals to carry out a new project or a proposed goal in the business that requires an external professional.

To do this, it is necessary to get down to work as soon as possible. Without waiting for the time to need it.

It is clear that weaving a network of contacts is a real art, it takes time and effort. But it is a resource that is very useful, since the network of contacts is very effective in the business world.

The first thing we need to do is have a PR mindset. To look for good contacts, get closer to other professionals and find the right time without missing opportunities.

Previous Recommendations To Weave A Good Network Of Professional Contacts

Inform you about those professionals in the sector with whom you would like to create relationships; because they would be of interest and support for your project. Nowadays there are plenty of means to inform you.

  1. You could turn to the social network of professional excellence, LinkedIn.
  2. Locate an enterprise database over the internet.
  3. Investigate the media related to your sector. In this way they always publish new business appointments.

Once you have found those companies and professionals with whom you would like to contact, we recommend you investigate their management positions, what each one is dedicated to in the company and who would be the figure with which you should interact.

Relate Through Social Networks

Remember that to achieve success in networking and thus be able to reach great contacts, you must stand out, be unique and show yourself to the world. Social media is a window to connect, and has now become a solid communication channel. Sharing your interests through this medium will help you reach a wider number of contacts.

Work On Your Current Contact List

We always have one or another card stored in the drawer. If you want to have a solid network of contacts, do not forget those contacts that you already have and that perhaps you have left in oblivion.

Find some excuse to contact them again, and follow up through a call or email. Remember that all contacts are good. There are many professionals who are promoted or change companies, you never know. And perhaps someone who was not of professional interest in the past can be now. Don’t waste contacts!

Participate In Networking Events Or Events Related To Your Sector

One of the ideal things to be able to locate good contacts is to go to events where you can connect with professionals who are useful for your business.

But to achieve success, you need to have a plan. The ideal would be to inform you about those people who will attend the event (investors, advisors, suppliers, customers) and approach them properly. That is, with a previously planned strategy for each one and having the appropriate information about them so that they know that you are aware of who they are and what they are dedicated to, but above all having clear your value proposition for them.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to establish new synergies, these events are ideal for you to know who your competitors are, the new trends in the market and how you can collaborate with other companies.

Another way to make contacts is also collaborations. Introduce yourself and offer your services. By collaborating with other companies you will have the possibility to acquire customers or make yourself known.

Coworking, Another Good Way To Make Contacts

Another option that is much more bearable for those who are not so extroverted with networking, are coworking spaces. These places have an entrepreneurial and varied ecosystem that can contribute a lot to your business. And unlike events, which are occasional situations. 

In these spaces you find yourself daily and at all times in contact with other professionals, whether you are about to go for a coffee, you stumble through the corridor or at the entrance of the center. They are much more natural encounters that promote the creation of synergies and that you could even cultivate them little by little every day.

By sharing a space with that company or professional that you think could be an excellent contact for your business, you would have many more opportunities for interaction.

Finally, we recommend you work on your contact list, make a constant follow-up. Remember that, if you forget that contact that you have worked so hard to get, it will not help. Try to consolidate the relationship. Any action is good to keep communication alive.

Managing to consolidate a good contact list will help you gain reputation and make others trust your abilities. It may be hard at first, but with the passage of time, work and continuous effort, you will get many contacts.

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