All You Need To Know About Digital Transformation Of Companies

All You Need To Know About Digital Transformation Of Companies

You’ll have clear thoughts on digital transformation of companies in the article. We live in a world in which digital is no longer the future, a pending issue, and is no longer a necessity. This is something that has affected all sectors, especially energy and telephony. In fact, almost all the new electricity and gas marketers as well as telephony that have emerged in recent years..

Can The Requirements To Register The Light Digitally Be Fulfilled?

This digital transformation has been very positive not only for the company but also for clients, since the management of all procedures online is much more comfortable. 

But what does this translate to? The requirements to register electricity with Iberdrola and with the rest of the marketers can be provided online, without having to go to an office. In this way, it is much easier to meet the requirements to register the electricity with Iberdrola or the marketer of your choice.

Is This Type Of Procedure Also Possible With Telephone Companies?

Of course yes! Any of the internet offers, such as those for fiber from Movistar or Orange, among others, can be contracted electronically, both online and by phone. In any case, whether you decide to hire the fiber from Movistar , the important thing for a client is to always have the best price and for this the internet can help you find it.

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The Best Digital Transformation Strategy: Marketing

In any case, utilities and telephone companies have not only had to radically change the way they serve the customer, but also the way they make themselves known. And, indeed, the internet is one of the most powerful windows for them to continue growing, hence the importance of having effective digital marketing. 

  • First of all, start-up companies wanted to develop their own personality in their texts. They want to give a feeling of closeness and that is why their copies are very well detailed.
  • It is important to have accounts on the main social networks from which not only the company’s news is reported, but also solve problems that customers may have. In addition, from social networks you can also try to manage reputation crises that the company may have more easily.
  • A personalized telephone service; that is to say, that the user has the possibility – as far as possible – that the same person always attends him.

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