The Mistakes Of An Entrepreneur In Networking

The Mistakes Of An Entrepreneur In Networking

Entrepreneur In Networking : Today we tell you how knowing the mistakes of an entrepreneur in networking can help you avoid the most common ones and achieve success in your business. And, in the world of entrepreneurs, networking is absolutely necessary. 

Without contacts, following the right path is highly difficult, and not because there is a lack of ability to do so, but because professional connections are essential. Growing as an isolated entity in today’s society is practically impossible, much less when we talk about digital environments like the ones we currently have.

That is why I always recommend having networking as part of your business strategy to make your project grow. In other words; just as communication is considered an indissoluble part of the business plan, networking should be part of the overall strategy of the project in an integral way. It is one more division in the plan that we must follow to seek success as entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss mistakes of entrepreneur in networking in the article.

Learn How To Overcome The Most Common Mistakes

When it comes to practicing networking we must avoid making certain common mistakes. Here are some tips to solve them:

Take The Activity Seriously

The most important one is solved by taking this activity seriously and not relegating it to the background. The following will find their solution in our organizational capacity. The first thing is to know how it can benefit us to follow an appropriate networking strategy. Having contacts will serve as a guide and help when we need it.

Schedule Your Events

From here, it is necessary that you look for the events that are held around your professional sector and to which you would be interested in going. Make an agenda with all of them and consider attending. Carry business cards with you and give them to the professionals you are interested in. You will avoid in this simple way one of the most common mistakes of an entrepreneur.

Keep Contacts

The second step, after the event, is to maintain active contact to get it to go beyond a fortuitous encounter.

A mistake we usually make is meeting a professional during an event and not maintaining the relationship. My recommendation is always to make a contact a posteriori, after the event, to reinforce that presence, either by email or following on social networks, especially through LinkedIn. Only in this way will we be able to forge good business relationships for the future.

Create Your Own Database

On the other hand, it is useless to have hundreds of contacts if we do not keep an updated database of them. In my opinion, the best way to do this is by sorting by business sector. For this we have varied tools, but again it is LinkedIn that is most comfortable for me when it comes to managing my professional contact list and categorizing them by sectors.

Be Receptive

Another aspect that we must bear in mind is that in business relationships not everything is based on monetary exchanges. Sometimes establishing a connection with other entrepreneurs can bring us closer to investors, suppliers and contacts to whom we did not have access otherwise. As networkers, we must be open-minded to any business proposals we may receive.

As a general rule, networking is a long-distance race, a walk along a long avenue with stops where we will obtain valuable contacts for our agenda. It is not a race in which it is difficult to compete for physical strength, but it is a challenge where intelligence and the use we make of it is part of the results obtained.

Now that you know the mistakes of an entrepreneur in networking, you will have the ability to improve this technique so useful for your company.

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