The Most Used Payment Methods In E-commerce In 2022

The Most Used Payment Methods In E-commerce In 2022

Most Used Payment Methods In E-commerce : For more than a decade, digital environments have shaped our consumption habits and opened the doors for the consolidation of e-commerce for products and services of any category, as they offer virtually unlimited alternatives when it comes to purchases. 

It is precisely this variety that has the different e-commerce sites , whether of products or services, motivated to incorporate as many payment methods as possible to make their offer available to as many users as possible, and thus be able to improve the shopping experience and strengthen their link with consumers.

This is not only true for online stores, service providers or different similar sites, but also within entertainment services such as online casinos , where payment methods can be a determining factor for players when choosing a particular operator to enjoy casino games such as blackjack, poker or slots. Thus, users can prioritize casinos with Neteller, PayPal, cryptocurrencies or other alternative payment methods that offer greater versatility or benefit.

E-commerce is gaining more and more ground globally. In the particular case, this trend is replicated, with 13,600 million dollars during the second quarter of 2021.

With this growth, the variety of payment alternatives has become a more valued aspect by users, who prefer those methods that offer flexibility, profitability and convenience. In addition, , which shows the preference of users for digital shopping alternatives.

Credit/Debit cards

Bank cards, whether credit or debit, are one of the most popular alternatives for online shoppers. It is estimated that 85% of users choose this payment method to buy on e-commerce sites.

The difference between them is simple. With purchases with credit cards, the buyer acquires a debt with the bank issuing the card, while when buying with a debit card the amount of the purchase is debited directly from his bank balance.

The popularity of both methods to make purchases online is due to the fact that they are secure payment methods and backed by recognized banks.


E-wallets are a relatively recent alternative and have quickly gained popularity among users thanks to the immediacy and security they offer for making online payments.

Currently, there is a wide variety of alternatives available on sites of this type, however, the electronic wallet par excellence is PayPal tags. On average, 77% of users choose this method to shop online tags. In addition to PayPal, there are alternatives such as Neteller and Skrill, both popular among Spaniards and with a similar operation to PayPal.

The biggest advantage of this method is that purchases can be made without the need to share personal data, bank information or any information beyond the email associated with the user’s PayPal account.

Bank Transfers

About 40% of users use bank transfers to pay for their online purchases through e-commerce sites . sites

As is the case with credit or debit cards, bank transfers are popular thanks to the trust they generate in users and merchants as they are backed by recognized financial institutions. Likewise, they usually imply a low cost for the merchant and do not include additional commissions for payments made, which, added to their ease and immediacy, make bank transfers one of the most convenient payment methods for online purchases.

Direct Debits

This payment method is usually the preferred method for paying subscription services since it only requires the user’s authorization to make the periodic payment of a certain amount for the contracted services.

Normally, this payment method does not include any additional costs, making it a convenient and fast method to automate payments on e-commerce sites.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have also earned their place among online shoppers as a convenient and easy-to-use payment method. Prepaid cards offer the security and speed of debit cards with the privacy of electronic wallets. These have a similar operation to debit cards in which purchases are deducted from the user’s balance previously loaded on the card. 

However, they differ in that they are backed by electronic platforms instead of banks. There are different alternatives available, but the most used is Pay Safe Card, followed by Payoneer.

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