Improve The Involvement And Satisfaction At Work | The 4 “Must-Haves” Of Motivation At Work

Improve The Involvement And Satisfaction At Work | The 4 “Must-Haves” Of Motivation At Work

Improve The Involvement And Satisfaction At Work : Most companies assume that employees change companies for salary reasons. However,  financial compensation is the fifth cause of job abandonment, behind professional development, leadership exercised by managers, the company’s organizational culture, or the search for greater challenges.

Motivating team members at work is crucial in retaining talent.

Four Key Factors With Which Managers Can Improve The Involvement And Satisfaction:

1.- The management style

The management skills of leaders are one of the factors that employees value as the most important in motivating their jobs. Depending on the style of leadership that we exercise, we will or will not be able to generate a positive work environment and turn our organization into a great place to work.

While any company can be a great place to work,  there is no one-size-fits-all leadership model; it can vary from company to company. Even within the same organization, we can develop different management styles according to the circumstances or the goals of each department.

However, there are a series of principles that allow the loyalty of the employees who accompany us, the leaders of the Great Places to Work do not lose sight of the importance of Inspiring, Speaking, Communicating, Caring, Thanking… and adapting their style based on the circumstances.

It is the responsibility of managers to create environments where motivation is promoted. Currently, companies, thanks to leaders, must generate policies and practices that encourage employees to motivate themselves by promoting autonomy in it, decision-making and creativity.

The challenge of motivation at work has been changing and evolving over the years, as has the style of leadership. If we want our collaborators to motivate themselves, we must create a culture in accordance with this idea, encourage work in a team and maximize the performance of collaborators, generating a greater sense of belonging and promoting innovation.

2.- The business model

Great places to work are constantly adapting their business strategies to the market, trends, and competitors. To generate an agile organization, we must take into account the opinion of its collaborators and value the human capital they have within the company. The changes in the strategy suppose challenges and challenges for the collaborators that generate a boost in motivation.

For this, it is essential to have an inclusive organizational structure, which develops multidirectional communication among all the members and which enables the exchange of talent among the members of the company. The search for excellence in a certain department or team generates a mirror effect in the rest so that the business as a whole works to improve. New challenges arise that increase the motivation of the collaborators.

3.- The work environment

Is our company a great place to work? The work environment includes the relationship that an employee has with managers, colleagues and with the company itself. If so, we will count on the motivation of the collaborators due to the high level of trust existing in these three relationships with the organization.

A work environment where stakeholders feel respected and interpersonal connections are positive will foster the connection of the team with the company and, as a consequence, will raise the motivation of all members of the company. Collaborators, suppliers, customers, and shareholders will be proud to be part of this business “family”  and, as members of the project, the bond with the organization will be stronger.

Measuring the organizational environment of our company is key to detecting levers of change within the organization that allow us to detect areas for improvement and achieve the objectives.

4.- Recognition of extra efforts

Professionals appreciate that their positive conduct and behaviors are valued by the company. Therefore, if we want to have a motivated team, we must start by rewarding their effort. In fact, three out of four workers maintain that they would be more involved in their functions if they felt that their achievements were recognized.

By establishing a  consistent acknowledgment system,  we will make our employees feel valued, increasing their motivation at work.

This is not just a monetary issue. Salary enhancements or financial incentives are just one of many ways to show our appreciation. The internal promotion of the collaborator, the attribution of new skills to that person, involving them in decision-making or simply thanking them for the time dedicated to their work are also tools that will allow us to have a more motivated team.

Developing a culture of thanks in the company helps each person who works in the company feel valued, respected and committed to the organization.

Therefore, if we want to have a  motivated team,  we must take these four factors into account. 

  • Do we recognize the effort of the collaborators? 
  • Do we foster a positive work environment that generates engagement? 
  • Is our business model adapted to the needs of the market? 
  • Do we put into practice our ability as leaders to promote the involvement of the people who work in the company?

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