Corporate Gifts That Will Mark Your Customers

Corporate Gifts That Will Mark Your Customers

Corporate Gifts : Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to purchasing products or services. And this choice does not stop, for some, with the signing of a contract with you. Customer loyalty is important to the sustainable growth of the company.

But how do you fight the loss of customers and show them how much you care? In addition to excellent customer service and a quality product or service, the answer is definitely freebies. Here are some gift ideas that will mark the minds of your customers.

Notebooks Or Professional Notebooks

It’s not about sending your customers a batch of company branded notebooks or notepads. First, think about having pretty notebooks made, with materials such as leather for example as a cover. Display your corporate colors or place a subtle printed logo on the front cover. There are many companies specializing in the design of personalized calendars.

Advertising Calendars

Have branded, professionally created bank calendars to give your customers unique calendars they won’t find at their next competitor’s trade show or conference. Also make sure that high quality paper is used during printing, for an impressive effect. Every time your customers look at their calendar, they’ll think of you!

Kitchen Baskets

If your customers are the type to spend their weekends in the kitchen, preparing gourmet delights, they will greatly appreciate this type of gift. Pick a cookbook that you pair with a few non-perishable ingredients. For example, you can opt for ready-to-use baskets, to which you will not forget to add your brand or logo.

Online Courses

Learning gifts may come as a surprise to many, but rather than giving your customers snacks or snacks they’ll quickly consume, give them an experience they’ll always remember. For example, consider offering them a gift card for online courses, where they will learn to improve their skills in photography, cooking, in short, in an area that is close to their hearts.

A Bottle Of Water They Won’t Throw Away

Let’s be real, we all have a range of water bottles that we often don’t know what to do with. However, there is nothing better than receiving a stylish and easy to carry water bottle. So opt for a high-quality solution in your corporate colors or brand that they won’t be ashamed to travel with.

A Toilet Bag

Do you have clients who travel frequently? Send them a toiletry bag that they can use on each trip. Cases embroidered or engraved with your initials are always a great choice, especially for travel items. Remember to choose leather, canvas or waterproof options, so they can take it everywhere with them without any discomfort.

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