Benefits Of Using Google Ads For SMEs And Entrepreneurs

Benefits Of Using Google Ads For SMEs And Entrepreneurs

Benefits Of Using Google Ads : Are you looking for ways to improve the visibility and positioning of your company to reach more people? In this post, we will talk about the benefits of using Google Ads for SMEs and entrepreneurs. 

To get a greater number of people to know our physical or local business, it is necessary to have a minimum online presence, either by making a good organic positioning of our company or investing in online advertising through Google Ads. The latter is the fastest and most efficient if we want to be known in a specific place.

What Is Google Ads or Google Adwords?

Google Ads or Google Adwords on a Google platform that allows us to manage and advertise our business online, the tool gives us endless possibilities, on the one hand, it allows us to segment the audience we want to see our ads, in which countries we want to be seen, and it even gives us the possibility of remarketing with people who have already been interested in our business and visited our website or e-commerce.

Benefits Of Using Google Ads For SMEs And Entrepreneurs

The benefits that Google Ads brings to SMEs and small entrepreneurs are immense, this tool allows us to make ourselves known globally without the need to invest a very high budget. Of course, the recommended minimum investment is an average of €10 a day in advertising on this platform, depending on your sector and business, in order to attract customers who belong to our target audience. This amount is much lower than what it would cost to put a billboard on the subway in any city, which is why Google Ads has become the key platform for advertising for businesses of all kinds, achieving better results than traditional advertising or Social Media . ads.

Publicize the service or product we offer

The first and most intuitive of the benefits that we acquire using Google Ads is that we make known the type of activity that we carry out and with them the products or services that we offer on our website and/or physical store. The most advantageous thing about this tool is that we can make ourselves known almost anywhere in the world. If we have our base and we sell online training, with Google Ads people from Miami, Chile or Argentina will be able to see our advertising and learn about our products.

The Google Ads platform gives us the possibility to advertise effectively so that more people know us, but we must not forget that once we stop paying for the service we will no longer have as much impact as with activated campaigns. That is why it is necessary to combine this advertising with good organic positioning. The combination of SEO positioning with SEM is the key to achieving the prosperous growth of our business

If you still don’t know what SEO positioning is or how SEO positioning helps your business, in our blog we teach you everything you need to know about this term, including 10 SEO keys to improving your online positioning.

Drive appropriate traffic to our business

It is important for any company to generate a large amount of quality traffic to its website, but it is almost more important that this traffic is adequate. A little and of quality is preferred to not much and that does not generate any impact on the user. This means that it is essential to segment well in our campaigns, that is, that the people we decide to target through Google Ads are those who are more similar to us in terms of age, tastes, gender. It is more likely that when they see our ad and our call to action we will achieve that conversion, apart from being a more effective campaign that will be more profitable for us. On the other hand, if we launch advertising without segmenting it correctly, in addition to spending more money on advertising, it will not be as effective, since it is probably not as effective and the results will be much lower.

Increase our online sales

It is logical that if we make our product known online, we manage to position ourselves in Google and derive adequate traffic to our website, and we will be able to exponentially increase our sales. The Google Ads platform gives us the possibility to track our sales, knowing data such as how many of our visitors have decided to make the purchase in the end or not. This data can be interesting when carrying out future advertising campaigns or even to see if there are things that can be improved on our websites such as buttons or windows. So if you are getting a lot of traffic to your e-commerce, but you have not increased sales, check why you are not converting.

Carry out remarketing campaigns

The last of the benefits that we would like to highlight about Google Ads is remarketing. For those who are not yet familiar with the term, remarketing consists of re-launching advertising campaigns to those users who have interacted with our content in some way, that is, who have been interested in our product or service, but have not decided to buy it in the end. To be able to carry out this type of Google Ads campaign, it comes from user navigation data that they deliver once they accept the website’s cookies.

There are different remarketing strategies: the most common is the one that consists of showing advertisements of our brand to the user when browsing other web pages, another that is also very common is search remarketing, which appears when the user searches for related information with the product in your web browser. Remarketing campaigns are a good option to recover abandoned carts. 

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