AI Marketing: Why Integrate It Into Your Business?

AI Marketing: Why Integrate It Into Your Business?

AI Marketing : Artificial intelligence is taking an increasingly important place in our daily lives, and marketing is no exception. It is certain that in the future AI will be an essential skill to master and use. Already today, AI is part of your daily life, through the Google algorithm for example. But, in the end, we suffer from it more than we use it for our purposes. Discover how AI can be used by your business to boost your marketing.

What Is AI Marketing?

As a first step, it is important to put things in context and take them in order. Artificial intelligence, what does it mean in concrete terms? We hear about it a lot lately, but it may not be clear to everyone.

These are the sets of technologies that work together to enable machines to feel, understand, act and learn with levels of intelligence more or less similar to those of humans. What is certain is that we can not summarize AI as a single technology, there are several and more and more.

Among the different technologies that we exploit in marketing, we find in particular Machine Learning and Deep Learning:

Machine Learning

As the name suggests, this is a sort of machine learning automation. It is simply a method that will allow us to obtain artificial intelligence. This also makes it possible to improve it throughout the time. This learning can be supervised and guided by a Data Scientist in a particular setting, or not. In all cases, it takes human intervention to provide the data to be used. This learning system can also be worked by reinforcement, that is to say that we will give bonuses or penalties according to the decisions of the AI on a prediction. The algorithm will thus refine over time to acquire as many “rewards” as possible.

Deep Learning

Another important notion of AI to master: Deep Learning. This is another technology underlying AI, such as machine learning. Its objective is to develop a kind of “neural network” in order to respond to difficult problems. For example, with this method, we will be able to find a particular structure within a very large set of data. In fact, the principle of neural networks makes it possible to cut the problem so that each of them takes care of a “layer” of it. A task is solved through the combination of these different layers. A pretty telling example of Deep Learning is facial recognition.

How does integrating AI into a marketing strategy work?

If we transpose AI to marketing, we can say that it is a method that consists of exploiting intelligence technologies to collect data, information about customers, anticipate their next movements and make automated decisions that impact marketing results. In marketing, AI is typically used in cases where speed is key. In fact, AI can completely improve the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing actions, but for that, you have to master it.

Thanks to AI, marketers can understand in depth the behaviors of their customers, know their actions and indications. Therefore, it will allow you to target the right strategy to the right person by saving time and efficiency. In other words, you are a 100% winner in this story!

Why Use AI?

A strategic challenge in the future of Web Marketing

AI marketing is increasingly attracting the attention of marketers because of the insights it offers. According to statistics from PwC, 9 out of 10 executives believe that AI gives more opportunities than risks! In addition, 40% of them agree that it will change the way business is done in the next 5 years. So don’t miss the train.

Let’s review some of the ways and in what ways AI can impact marketing outcomes in the coming months and years:

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence for brands? 4 impacts for your marketing

Increased marketing ROI

Marketers can rely on AI to transform their marketing actions by using data insights/visualizations and acting on them in real time. AI platforms are able to make intelligent decisions about how to allocate funds between channels, analyze high-performance ads, and increase the value of the marketing program. Through intelligent budget allocation and spending rules, if used correctly, AI platforms will improve marketing ROI.

Creation of personalized content: more human thanks to data

With AI, marketers can take data and marketing targeting to a whole new level. Audience analytics can go beyond the typical demographic level, to understand people on an individual basis. 

Now, marketers can use AI to identify potential customers or buyers and provide them with the ideal content that works best for them. This can be particularly useful in boosting the impact of E-Commerce. In fact, AI can boost inbound marketing strategies, focused on the needs of users, by offering better answers to them. 

Data and AI will make it possible to push the analysis of customer profiles to the maximum in order to offer them quality personalized content, which optimizes the conversion rate.

With big data, machine learning, and AI combined, there’s not much a savvy marketer can’t achieve.

Improved reporting of marketing actions

It can be difficult to aggregate and analyze the vast amounts of data that today’s marketing strategies produce. This makes it difficult for marketers to account for and prove the success of campaigns. Marketers can use AI-based dashboards to get an overview of actions that work, replicate those patterns, and adjust campaigns accordingly to increase campaign success. In addition to intelligent campaign analysis, these tools also help improve reporting prospects.

Improved team performance and marketing campaigns

AI can perform data analytics much faster than humans. Let AI solutions take care of tedious tasks and free up time for your marketing team to focus on what matters: strategy. With AI, marketing teams can use real-time analytics to make better campaign decisions and improve overall performance.

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