What Is Lean Startup Methodology?  How Does It Work?

What Is Lean Startup Methodology?  How Does It Work?

What can the Lean Startup methodology do for my business? Why should I know it and apply it as soon as possible? Well, if you feel identified with these questions, you’re on the right track. 

The Lean methodology is ideal for any business or company that wants to launch a service or product in line with the changing needs of the market . Now don’t worry, this methodology is not a substitute for your business plan . You must conceive it as the first process until your product matures . 

But what is the Lean Startup methodology? What benefits does it have for the launch of products or services? How can you help me optimize resources? Find out the answers to these questions in the following article. 

What Is The Lean Startup Methodology?

Although it was originally created with the purpose of being used by all automobile manufacturers in the country so that its production would be more efficient, this philosophy is applicable to any sector .

The Lean philosophy is characterized by focusing on production processes, taking as a maximum the changing needs of consumers during the production process and maturation of the product or service launched, as well as the elimination of any additional cost. What does this mean? The Lean methodology highlights all the activities that enrich the value chain , eliminating processes that may involve unnecessary expenses. It is a method based on the efficiency and optimization of resources, but always prioritizing consumer  feedback before the product itself.

This paradigm shift based on meeting the changing needs of users is what makes the products created with this methodology have a high rate of acceptance once launched on the market. 

 With the publication of his book “The Lean Startup” , has turned the Lean Startup methodology into a new movement that is revolutionizing the way of conceiving, producing and launching new products and services on the market. 

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Lean Startup Tools And Frameworks

Within the Lean philosophy and culture there are many tools and methodologies with which to put it into practice:

  • Tools: value stream map ( Value Stream Map ), visual management, self-quality (jidoka), standardized work, kanban, capacity management, JIT (Just in time), poka-yoke, kaizen, among others. 
  • Frameworks : Design Thinking (find out more in  (Design thinking: empathy, creativity and innovation as a driver of change ) , Lean UX, Agile and Growth hacking

8 Benefits Of The Lean Startup Philosophy

  • Deliver value based on changing customer needs, thereby improving service and satisfaction. 
  • More optimized growth based on continuous improvement . 
  • It greatly reduces the risks and expenses of launching the final product. 
  • It allows great agility , high quality and low cost .
  • Fosters responsibility and shared leadership . 
  • The market guides the strategy
  • It allows investing fewer resources in the learning and testing phases.
  • Reduce activities or processes that do not add value . 

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