What Are Bing Ads And How To Set Up A Campaign?

What Are Bing Ads And How To Set Up A Campaign?

Let’s start at the beginning:  Bing Ads  is a pay-per-click  advertising platform  that displays ads above or to the right of Bing, Yahoo, and MSN search results. Its operation is quite similar to that of  Google Ads  (although we will see some differences later): advertisers choose a series of  keywords  to position their ad and set a series of bids. 

When a related search occurs, the system evaluates a series of parameters to show the user one or more ads  arranged in a ranking :

  • The  relevance of the ad  and the website in relation to the terms searched.
  • The  bid was offered in relation to other advertisers bidding for the same space.
  • The behavior of the ad in the past ( click-through rate ).
  • Bing allows you to reach users  who don’t use Google . The figures they handle are 66 million users worldwide that can only be reached through Bing Ads.
  • It is a very interesting solution if you are looking to reach international markets .In countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Italy, its market share is greater than in our country. And in particular, it is very important to take it into account for campaigns directed to the United States, since there it has a quota of 33%.
  • Far from being dead, this search engine is  growing  and with very interesting possibilities for the future, since it is the one used by voice assistants such as Microsoft’s Cortana or Apple’s Siri. It is also integrated into the Amazon Kindle and Windows Phone.
  • The  competition  between advertisers in Bing Ads is much lower than in Google, since on the one hand there are fewer brands using the platform and on the other, the search engine still keeps the ads in the right column, which means that there are more advertising spaces per page . The result is that your campaigns will be able to achieve a lower cost per click and per acquisition and achieve a higher ROI than in other SEM solutions.
  • If you already use Google Ads, the learning curve is hardly noticeable, since the two solutions are very similar. You can even directly import your Google Ads campaigns to start using this platform with little effort.

How Is Bing Ads Different From Google Ads?

  • Although the similarities are more than evident, there are also certain differences that should be known before launching into this platform:

Keywords :

  •  Basic keyword matches are the same, but negative keywords work slightly differently. In Bing Ads, only negative keywords with phrase match are supported, not broad.

Bids And Budgets :

  •  Bing sets a minimum amount for maximum bids. If your Google Ads campaigns fall short, the amount will be automatically adjusted when you export your campaigns.

Location : 

  • The Bing platform allows you to specify a radius within a city or zip code, so that your ad is only shown to users who are close to a physical store. To get the most out of this option, it is highly recommended that you select a related ad objective.

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Scheduling :

  •  You can also adjust your campaign settings to show ads on days of the week or hours of the day when local stores are open.

Time Zone Adjustment :

  •  In Bing Ads, you can configure multiple time zones in different campaigns and ad groups, without having to create a different campaign for each zone. This can be very useful for international campaigns targeting large territories, for example, the United States or Latin America.

Image Extensions :

  •  you can use them to show images of your products and services and thus increase the visibility and attractiveness of your ads. On Google, this feature was available as a beta for a season, but can no longer be enabled. On the other hand, in Bing Ads you can use it in all markets except China. It is also possible to add video extensions.

 Action Extensions :

  •  In Google Ads you can make calls to action in the text of the ads or with the link or call extensions, but Bing Ads has specific functionality. This extension integrates a button that you can configure with different CTAs: call, purchase, installation, car rental, reservation or see more information.
  • Results by  search partners . Bing Ads offers greater transparency about where your ads appear (Bing, Yahoo, and AOL), to the point where you can filter the reports to see which partners are performing better and discard those that don’t interest you.

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