What Is Internet of Things And What Are Its Main Applications

What Is Internet of Things And What Are Its Main Applications

There is a lot of talk about the Internet of Things or Internet of Things . However, there are still many people who do not know what IoT is or what it is for . It is estimated that the IoT already connects 31,000 million devices around the world, but many of us live oblivious to an interconnected reality that will change all the rules silently, ubiquitously and without brake. This is the IoT.

What Does The Acronym For IoT?

IoT is the acronym for the English expression Internet of Things , which in Spanish we translate as “internet of things” and we call IdC. When we say that something is an “internet object,” what we mean is that it is connected to that network. Sometimes directly (like our mobile with 5G ) and others through intermediate networks (like the activity bracelet or smartband ).

Activity wristbands, which are essentially band-shaped data sensors, are a clear example of the penetration of the IoT in our lives. We wear them as if they were watches, but they are much more. With a bluetooth connection to our smartphone , the mobile serves as a bridge to the internet .

In some cases smartwatches or smart watches connect directly to the network via SIM, and there are many types of IoT networks.

What Is An IoT Network And What Is It For?

An IoT network is a network in which a central node links several connected objects . In fact, homes for their own primitive IoT network when a router links multiple computers, smartphones , tablets, television, and perhaps some other appliance or machine. The objective of an IoT network is to connect reality and its physical objects with the internet and applications in the cloud.

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Home IoT Network 

In the first example we look at a home IoT . A home with the router as the center of the network from which a smart TV , the different family smartphones, the home computer and a small network of smart light bulbs ‘hang’ , all connected via Wi-Fi.

In addition, the same network has bluetooth subnets , such as the one with the television with the remote control and the refrigerator and the different telephones with the robot vacuum cleaner, the door lock or an activity bracelet.

Business IoT Network

In the second IoT network, we observe an Internet of Things network at the business building level . In this case, the company network connects several routers and systems in the same building. The IoT office was born . These systems, in turn, are nodes or central points of smaller systems. This branch is called ‘hierarchy’ and is very common in all types of computer networks.

IIoT, The Industrial Internet Of Things

In addition to the above, one of the most widespread applications of the IoT is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or industrial internet of things . It is widely used in all types of industries:

  • Logistics . To know where each truck, container and object of the distribution line is, for example. They are also very useful at the warehouse level. Both distribution companies and large airports and even large stores monitor objects and robots within their facilities in order to optimize routes, lower costs or add security.
  • Manufacturing . The robots connected to the internet that we see on a car assembly line are IIoT. So are the serial printers of a publishing house or the cutting elements of a sawmill, if they are connected to the network. In reality, all kinds of manufacturing processes, from PET bottles to stuffed animals, can be connected and become part of the internet of things.
  • Construction . It is increasingly common to have work machinery sensorised and connected . Knowing where a backhoe is is important, but analyzing its fuel, conservation status or having each component digitized in real time adds a lot of value. In addition, helmets and other IoT PPE are already being used, and warnings are being made against work accidents.

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