Strategies That Work Best To Attract Digital Customers

Strategies That Work Best To Attract Digital Customers

Digital Customers : The rules of the game have not changed so much to attract the attention of the consumer. To attract digital customers, classic commercial actions such as SEO, SEM, or emailing campaigns continue to work very well. 

SEO And SEM, The Classics To Attract Customers

These are key for most businesses. And sometimes it is enough to use these tools well to reach a sufficient number of clients for the business strategy.  Blas Gil, one of the founders of Swipcar, and responsible for marketing, explains that, in his case, an Internet car rental brand without physical points of sale is what works best for them. 

Content marketing

The blog and content on social networks are still one of the best ways to attract customers. And also to get qualified leads. With less effort, they achieve more results. 

Email marketing and SMS

It has become one of the best tools to attract clients to telecommuting. If it’s done well and isn’t spam, it’s fine. 

Actions in marketplaces

Marketplaces are an excellent showcase to reach new audiences. Analyze where yours is (Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Cdiscount, Privalia, Etsy, El Corte Inglés…), and don’t limit yourself exclusively to Amazon. Although it is true that, by far, it is the one that brings together the most buyers (it represents 40% of online purchases in Spain), 

Promotions and contests on specified dates

The concept of referring a friend and getting a discount. They are the two great techniques to attract customers, apart from the usual price promotions any year. Perhaps there is now a greater increase in the urgency effect and in the recommend and get something effect”, points out Ruth Blanch.

Flash offers and bundled products

It is important to work well on pricing with some percentage of the total catalog in Prime, thus using Amazon logistics, which will help us generate greater confidence on the part of the end customer”, comments Daniel Crestelo. 

Virtual events

A format is driven by Covid that we are getting used to more and more every day and that “is very interesting for brands that want to publicize a service, technology or product. And in general in all B2B campaigns. The key here is to do the marketing campaign well so that the right people sign up. And then, obviously, that the event is of interest and the time and participation of users are well measured. 

Affiliate programs

They have been revived a lot with the pandemic. The investment made by the brand is small and the return you have is always sales and sharing those sales with those who have helped you sell”, says Ruth Blanch.

Podcast and voice search

In a podcast there are several formats that can be used: make your own, sponsor those of others or advertise”, explains Ruth Blanch. There is less investment and you have to be more creative than before. And that Wow effect is achieved very well with influencer marketing. But be careful because it is not just about doing an influencer campaign, you have to fine-tune what type of product you have, and with what type of influencer you have your specific target.

Actions on Instagram

“On Instagram, we can reach our target audience both organically and through segmented advertising campaigns. For this, it is essential to take into account two premises: the importance of copywriting or persuasive writing and having the experience of traffickers, who through sales funnels create campaigns with high-quality traffic that later translates into conversions. 

Campaigns on TikTok

Older audiences are included. Here we have two ways to attract new customers: work with prescribers, identify who are the prescribers who can recommend our product or service, and the other, advertise. Buy and invest in segmented advertising campaigns to reach the most interesting audience for our brand. 

Product test on Snapchat

A network that has been somewhat overshadowed by TikTok as the great network for the younger segments, but which is still interesting for attracting new customers. It has 229 million active users in the world (3.7 million in Spain) and due to its own technology and user experience, it is very attractive for actions such as product testing when it comes to fashion items. Product testing thanks to virtual reality. 

Twitch, the television of the new generation

It is a network that is experiencing super-exponential growth right now, where there is not as much competition as there can be on Instagram right now, and where it is very easy to grow. 

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