All You Need To Know About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

All You Need To Know About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners have made a strong presence in our homes. They facilitate the daily work of cleaning our house, and they give us free time for ourselves. 

But it is not only a matter of plugging in and forgetting about them, as any appliance requires a certain care, revision and minimal maintenance to avoid breakdowns and obtain correct operation.

General Maintenance Of The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner is for domestic and indoor use only, do not use it in the following places: Attics, basements, warehouses, excessively dirty industrial buildings, places exposed to humid conditions such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, or in narrow or elevated tables or shelves.

The cleaning process can present problems on carpets with tassels or with thicknesses of more than 10mm, therefore it is recommended that you prepare or remove them before using the robot vacuum cleaner.

Note: If the room to be cleaned has a balcony, place a physical barrier to prevent it from accessing the balcony and to ensure safe operation.

Maintenance Of Filters And Brushes Of The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For maximum performance, empty the reservoir and clean the  replacement robot vacuum filter  after each use of your robot vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that most robot vacuum cleaners have little lifting power, making the most of the air generated by the convection of the brushes and rollers, a dirty or clogged filter drastically reduces the air flow.

Remove and clean the brushes after each use, excess hair can permanently damage the robot vacuum cleaner. Remove rollers and brushes and inspect bearings regularly. It is at the edges of these rollers where more dirt accumulates. 

A faulty turn due to the accumulation of hair and lint on the brush shafts of your Roomba produces an excess of electrical consumption of the robot and consequently a decrease in the life of the Roomba battery.

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Maintaining The Rotating Brush Of The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Since the   rotating side brush replacement easily collects hair and threads, remove the screw of the rotating side brush with a screwdriver and take out the brush, you should clean it frequently. 

An excessive accumulation of foreign substances can damage the brushes. Also check that certain projections on the skirting boards in your home are not damaging the bristles of the rotating brushes.

Maintenance Of The Front Wheel Of The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Remove and clean the  front wheel of  the  Roomba robot vacuum regularly. Pull hard on the front wheel to remove it from the robot. Remove dirt, threads and hair from inside the cavity. 

Clean the front wheel of your robot vacuum cleaner and remove all hair around the shaft. Push hard on the wheel axle to completely remove it from the wheel. Put the wheel back in its housing and the module in the robot.

Maintaining The Robot Vacuum Sensors

Dirt accumulated on the  robot vacuum’s sensors  can cause them to malfunction. Regularly remove any foreign substances that accumulate on the robot vacuum’s sensors and obstacle or slope detectors.

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