Should We Continue To Promote Our Online Business In Times Of Crisis?

Should We Continue To Promote Our Online Business In Times Of Crisis?

Promote Our Online Business : The situation in the world is quite difficult at the moment. Without procrastinating on the figures and on the health crisis we are going through, we propose in this article to reflect together on questions that you ask yourself or that you have asked yourself recently.

Should we continue to promote our online business in times of crisis? Should we change the messages to be broadcast? The tone used? What should we actually do? Cut off all communication on all our networks and communication channels?

We do not claim to have the best answers and especially the exact answers to these questions. But these are some of our thoughts.

Should I Continue To Promote My Business On Social Media?

The answer is yes. Marketing on social networks means benefiting in part from the benefits of a salesperson. Imagine you fire all your sellers and expect revenue to keep pouring in. Should you adjust what doesn’t generate results? Of course. Should you continue to test the delivery of new messages and offers that fit the context of this environment? Absolutely. The keyword in this context is therefore adaptation.

Use this period certainly a little quieter to re-evaluate your offers. Continue to post on social media that you think is sensitive and relevant to your audience. Continue to offer value, no matter what. However, depending on the type of product or service and your industry, keep in mind the likely emotional state of your audience. Many small business owners are anxious. And, on a personal level, many of us are in shock, saddened, frightened by the situation.

It’s time to nurture deeper relationships with your customers, with your peers. Look for opportunities for cooperation and collaboration. Look for ways to make yourself useful. Be generous if you can, offer deferred payment plans or tailored payment options.

Should I Run Ads On Social Media? What Type Of Message To Use?

Yes. For the same reasons as above. Let’s talk more about the type of message you shouldn’t be spreading. Above all, do not be absent. Focus on the clarity of your message. Clearly show how your brand solves a problem or meets a need. Strive to rephrase your message so that it truly reflects the challenges your audience is facing.

How Can I Use Social Media To Boost My Online Transactions?

Video remains the most powerful format to quickly turn leads into buyers. Rely on video for your advertising campaigns. Use video to improve the power of your message on your landing pages. Film with your phone while you “socially distance yourself.” Online Business is very crucial thing in now a days.

If you typically host in-person events for your audience, the transition to virtual events can be relatively simple. Tools such as Zoom or Blue Jeans are great choices. Use your social channels to promote these events online. But keep in mind that signups may not be as numerous as expected as your audience adapts to the massive changes happening right now.

If you’re a product company, the transition to selling online can take some time if you weren’t already able to sell online. Strive to start small and grow. Use a Facebook or Instagram store. Check out platforms like Shopify or Big Commerce, and marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. Unfortunately, the continuation of health restrictions will have repercussions on deliveries.

If you are a service company that typically meets with its clients/clients/patients in person, consider how, during this time of social distancing, you can use your knowledge and teach online in a virtual group/classroom. You can also meet customers individually, virtually. Tools like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Messenger video calls can work fine.

Even if you’re used to doing everything in person and wondering how you could produce something of value online, there are certainly ways to get started relatively easily. For example, try creating a group on Facebook and using your phone or webcam to stream live videos. The goal is to add individual and personalized value compared to what a person might find themselves online.

Does My Social Media Strategy Need To Change? How?

This is not the time to focus on “vanity metrics” (number of fans, subscribers, etc.). These statistics are very attractive, but they do not necessarily mean that you will succeed! Focus on engagement.

In this period, the engaging content will not necessarily be the same as a few weeks ago. Edit your content strategy. Offer help if you can, seek to be helpful. Offer live videos on Instagram or Facebook to easily connect with your community. Send emails to your subscribers. 

All this while avoiding using all the buzzwords (pandemic, coronavirus, COVID-19, etc.). This is a bias, but be rather reassuring, calm, considerate, without yet adding an additional fear to your readers when they read these words in your posts.

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