Is It Safe To Charge Mobile All Night?

Is It Safe To Charge Mobile All Night?

We’re going to discuss , is it safe to charge mobile all the night in the article. There are different myths related to charging our mobile, and one of these myths is the fact of leaving our Android device charging overnight.

And it is that, nowadays, we use the mobile so much that we end up having a lot of time plugged in, and there are many nights that we can leave it charging in order to have it fully charged the next day.

But is it really so bad to leave the phone charging all night? Well, performing this act is not something that can seriously damage our terminal. As indicated, today’s phones are much smarter than a while ago, and therefore, once they reach the maximum charge , they avoid letting more current pass , thus avoiding unnecessary overloads.

Yes, it is true that there are other risks associated with this practice, since if, for example, your Android mobile has a case that does not allow it to be cooled correctly, you can cause it to overheat and cause damage to the cells of the battery.

To avoid this possible collateral damage, it is best to remove the case from your Smartphone before putting it on charge.

Other Myths You Should Know

So, once the mystery of whether we can leave our phone charging overnight is revealed, we are going to unveil some other myths related to batteries and chargers.

  • Charge the mobile only when it is discharged : This myth is also false, since the best thing for our mobile is to charge it when it has between 40 and 80% battery . In this way we avoid extremes and do not push our mobile to the limit.
  • Use the mobile while we charge it? : Another doubt that many people have is about whether the mobile can be used while we are charging it. This concern is due to the fact that some mobiles have exploded in the hands of people who were using them while charging. But this is due to the quality of the chargers, therefore it is not a problem to use the mobile while charging.
  • The charger must always be official:  Related to the previous point, there is a belief that the charger of our mobile must be 100% original and official, but this is not entirely true. And it is that, there are chargers that are not of the brand of our phone but that are very good and safe.
  • What is true is that you have to be careful with cheap chargers, since some of these may not be of quality and can end up damaging your Smartphone and its battery life. So, it is best to buy a good battery, whether it is from the official brand or not, but do not take the risk of buying one with little reliability just to save a few euros.
  • Do not turn off the mobile : Doing this shortens the life of our Android terminal, since phones are not made to last 24 hours a day every day of the year. For this reason, we must try to turn off our mobiles for a few hours in order to let them rest and thus continue to work properly for longer.

There are various myths that are spreading around the world about mobile batteries and chargers, so you have to be very clear about which ones are true and which ones are not. Although yes, we must always try to take maximum care of our Smartphone, if we want it to last us an acceptable time.

We hope that we have clarified some of the most typical doubts that may arise about our Android terminal.

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