How To Reduce The Number Of Abandoned Carts In Your E-commerce?

How To Reduce The Number Of Abandoned Carts In Your E-commerce?

Reducing the number of abandoned carts in your e-commerce is reducing the frustration of taking a customer to the shopping cart, and then losing the sale.

Abandoned carts in online shopping is a problem that affects both small and large companies, but the greater the volume, the greater the effect that a variation in the conversion rate has.

The positive thing is that there are ways to reduce the abandonment rate, and it is that of the total number of visits to our site, the people who add something to their cart and reach the payment point, with few exceptions, are highly motivated to make a purchase, and the more facilities we give them, the more likely they are to execute the purchase.

Here we propose a series of ideas to alleviate this problem.

Make clear the information about the conditions of the sale.

And always keep them in a visible and preponderant place on the web the information referring to:

  • Shipping costs
  • Delivery term
  • Return
  • Payment Methods
  • Data Protection

In addition, visitors will have many questions during the payment process, so it is useful to have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page or give them the opportunity to communicate directly if we have a chat function integrated into our cart).

Avoid Surprises From Your Customers

One of the main reasons for abandoning a cart is that the shipping costs meant that the total purchase was more than expected. One option is to remove the additional costs before adding items to the cart.

The problem arises when the costs are variable depending on the product, the place of shipment, etc. One of the ways to fix it would be to integrate a fee calculator.

It Raises Several Shipping Alternatives

Leaving in each case very clear the cost of the shipment, the delivery time, and conditions (at home, post office or another place, at street level, etc.).

Keep The Cart Visible

It is important to keep the cart visible and easily recognizable on future visits, and preferably show the number of products added or other information such as the amount. In this way, the user is reminded that the purchase process has not yet been completed.

Payment Without Registration

It is positive to allow customers to make their purchases directly without the need to register in advance. That step backward that represents filling in the registration form and then continuing with the purchase causes a slowdown in the process and with it an added possibility of abandoning the purchase process.

At the end of the purchase, we can invite you to register only by expanding the information already provided. To promote registration, it can be compensated with some type of bonus on future purchases, prior access to offers, etc.

Simplify the forms and have a simple, clear, and fast payment process.

Request only the information that is essential and explain why some information is requested, such as the telephone number (very important when coordinating the delivery).

The fewer different pages you have to complete for a purchase, the easier the process will be. Delete unnecessary pages.

Payment Options

Preferences about individual payment options vary from one customer to another, so it is important to know the habits of our potential buyers, there are those who may prefer card, PayPal, cash on delivery, bank transfer, mobile payment, virtual currency, or banks online.

According to some studies, more than 50% of online shoppers want to have several payment options at the time of checkout.

Save The Cart

84% of online shoppers compare similar products, prices, conditions, etc., in several stores before making the purchase. This means that you enter our website several times in a period of several hours, days or even weeks depending on the sector.

For this reason, it is important that the shopping carts are saved and when they return to our store they have their cart and can continue with the purchase process.

Provides Security With Seals Of Quality And Trust

Try to reduce fear and uncertainty, and the user focuses on the benefits, trust, and credibility of your site. When it comes to the first purchase on a site that is not well known, you need to know that you can trust the company behind it to provide information as sensitive as the credit card.

Not all stamps have the same effect, so it is advisable to include those that are easily recognizable by users.

Accelerate The Purchase Decision

A strategy of showing the available product units, showing how many people are viewing the same product at that moment, or a countdown clock with the time remaining until the end of an offer represents a motivating stimulus to close the purchase.

Look For Free Shipping

.A Forrester study indicates that 44 percent of online shoppers who abandon their carts do so because of shipping costs. Therefore, whenever possible, it is best to offer free shipping as an incentive to purchase and as a defense against competitors.

Do not turn your online store into a merry-go-round for your visitors.

It uses Google Analytics and other tools to know the behavior of its visitors and adapt the structure of the site to the flow of visits and the most appropriate conversion paths.

This will increase the number of carts as well as a more positive mood on the part of users that favors the purchase decision.

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