Digital Marketing Revolution : Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Revolution : Mobile Marketing

It has been three years since the mobile phone  surpassed the computer as the main device for connecting to the Internet, according to data from the AIMC. Mobile Marketing has been important from ten years ago, but today we can say that if the marketing campaign of an online store is not designed for mobile devices it will lose a third of potential revenue. 

If we take into account that the mobile is also becoming popular as a payment tool, we will deduce that it is essential to have it in any digital marketing strategy.

In 2017, the Association for Media Research (AIMC), which prepares the EGM (General Media Study), published the study Navigators on the web , according to which the mobile surpassed the computer as a connection device. The mobile won as the main internet connection device (40%) followed by the computer (32%). 

According to the AIMC, in the period from April 2018 to March 2019 , 95.6% accessed online content via mobile, compared to 50.7% from the laptop, 35.2% from the desktop, 29.5% from the tablet and 28.9% from the Smart TV. (The sum is greater than 100 because many people use more than one access road).

The Mobile As A Shopping Tool

Along with this rise of the mobile as a navigation device, we have the importance of it as a shopping tool, which has not stopped growing for 3 years. In 2018, purchases generated via smartphone were 14% via mobile (compared to global purchases). 

If we add it to purchases made by Tablet (11%), we have already exceeded purchases made by computer (18%), which have also fallen 3% since last year. MCommerce (mobile e-commerce) is booming. Users who make purchases from mobile phones have gone from 50% to 62% between 2016 and 2018. Online stores that make more than 50% of their sales via mobile have gone from 15% to 31% in two years. That is, they have doubled , and they do not stop growing.

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The Mobile As A Shopping Assistant

Apart from this, there is all the traffic related to the mobile that is not directly a transaction. In the purchase process, 79.6% of users use the mobile to search for information, compare prices or locate points of sale. This traffic is generated when users read reviews and participate in consumer chats, consult discount coupons they need to carry out a transaction, compare products or locate points of sale on online maps.

To get an idea of ​​the scope of these interactions, more than half of the business volume of sites like Groupon is generated by mobile phone users.

Mobile As A Payment Tool

Regarding payments, in 2018 mobile payments were 15% of the total value of digital payments in the world. Prospects predict that the value of mobile transactions will multiply by 4! from the data for 2018 to the forecasts for 2023. Although we are traditionally more in favor of cash or cards, there are 30% of users who pay with contactless systems from their smartphone.

Mobile Marketing

In short, more and more we use the mobile not only to surf the Internet, but also to make purchases, to search for purchase information or (even) to pay.

Mobile Marketing includes, among other instruments:

  • Responsive website design. The design and concept of the website must be adapted to mobile as much or more than to PC.
  • The optimization of the web pages to include purchase and payment tools from mobile phones. This includes optimizing the experience of the user who accesses the website from mobile.
  • Investment in advertising on sites and app download pages.
  • Carrying out campaigns that take advantage of the geolocation provided by the mobile to boost the sales of the physical stores closest to the user.
  • The use of measurement tools that clearly differentiate traffic, transactions and the consumption of mobile advertising.
  • The design of Apps that favor interaction with the services offered by the company.
  • And, above all, investment in advertising directed preferably to mobile.

The media in which specific mobile advertising is carried out include, among others, Google Ads (Search, video, shopping and Display), Facebook, Bing Ads (same sections as Google Ads), YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Amazon . The campaigns are considered to be the most effective on mobile for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, while the most effective on the computer are only the campaigns on Linkedin or Quora.

We believe that it has been proven that any digital marketing strategy that does not include mobile will be doomed to failure. Marketing in the coming years will be Mobile Marketing or it will not be.

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