What Is Affiliate Marketing Strategy And How To Incorporate It Into Your Strategy

What Is Affiliate Marketing Strategy And How To Incorporate It Into Your Strategy

Affiliate Marketing strategy has been with us for a long time, although it has been in recent years when it has begun its boom. Now, this type of strategy has become a must for many ecommerce.

It could be said that affiliate marketing emerged in the 90s, when the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos saw the economic wealth that this marketing technique could offer his company. Although there were other previous documented initiatives, they were not as prominent as this one.

Today, affiliate marketing is essential in the outbound strategy of many companies’ tags. If you want to find out all about it and how to incorporate it into your business’s marketing plan, keep reading!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system by which third parties, affiliates, promote the products or services of an advertiser among their network of contacts tags. In exchange, they receive a commission for each sale that is generated, or for any other action, depending on the objective of the campaign.

In general, the conversion metric is used because it is the one that benefits the advertiser the most: they do not pay until they make a sale. But other more beneficial systems for the affiliate are also used, such as CPC, despite the fact that they do not provide such qualified leads.

Typically, the affiliate puts the agreed link on their website or blog tags. Thus, you refer your audience to the advertiser’s website. To measure whether the sales generated come from traffic derived by an affiliate, a cookie is set on the website that lets you know whether or not they originated through an affiliate link.

Affiliate platforms

There are several ways to find affiliates. But the most comfortable and perhaps the most common way to do it is through affiliate platforms or affiliate networks. These serve as a meeting place between advertisers and affiliates .

There are many, but these can be considered some of the most common.

Amazon affiliates

It is perhaps the best known of all, due to its long history , and the most widely used. This is a platform focused on affiliate tags. It allows them to choose, in a very simple way, the products that they are interested in promoting on their website.

If your products are found on Amazon, you can take advantage of the benefits of the extensive network of affiliates that the platform has.


Awin is another one of the biggest affiliate networks. Its potential is much greater than that of Amazon affiliates since it transcends the borders of this marketplace. This platform makes a very clear segmentation between its two main audiences: advertisers and affiliates .

In addition, Awin has all the necessary tools to manage any affiliate marketing campaign from its own platform .


It is a platform quite similar to the previous one, which also allows you to manage any campaign from your own website. Unlike Awin, it goes a step further and includes another level of segmentation on its platform: influencers tags. In fact, influencer marketing is a very specific type of affiliate marketing that has its own particularities.

In addition, Tradedoubler has a tool specially designed for the recommendation of products through images tags. Ideal for highly visual content, which can be very useful in sectors such as fashion or interior design.

When To Use Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to reach new audiences with the guarantee of being recommended by someone you trust them, affiliate marketing is an option that should be kept in mind. In addition, if you work with the sales commission model (the ideal one for any campaign with affiliates) you will only pay your affiliates when they generate a conversion in your eCommerce. Remember: your marketing plan will be more effective if you align various inbound and outbound strategies to achieve your goals.

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