All You Need To Know About Selling Products Online

All You Need To Know About Selling Products Online

Setting up an online business and selling the products is a great idea, because you don’t need a location, a few tools are enough for you , and therefore the initial investment is very small. But, obviously it is not enough to decide that you want to create your own online store , it is also necessary to find a product that suits you and may have a niche in the market.

General Recommendations

Before going to the list of things you could sell online, I would like to remind you of some important points for anyone starting a business:

  • Go for a product that you know well .
  • Better to sell your own product than to market someone else’s (you will have more margin).
  • Try to answer the questions to make a business plan , they will be very useful.
  • Choose a sector that you like , you will spend many hours dedicating yourself to it.

Look For A Market

If you ask yourself “ What can I sell online? ”, It is probably a good idea to go looking for products that are having the most demand in recent years. If you have doubts about how to find out, you can do a combined search between Google Adwords (to know the traffic of each keyword) and Google Trends , to see if the traffic is growing in recent years.

This is precisely what I did with these seven examples. They are all products with a growing demand, or at least a growing curiosity on the part of potential buyers, reflected by their searches on the Internet. 

I have included the evolution charts from Google Trend. Sometimes they can take time to load. If after 30 seconds, some seem not to load, I invite you to refresh the page. I have preferred to link directly to Google so that you have an article with information always up to date.

If you are using the AMP version of the article (which Google will load by default if you found this article through the search engine from your mobile), the graphics will not appear. To see them, simply click on the link to the original format of the article (at the top of your screen, where there is an “i” for information).


Among the main fashion accessories, it seems that earrings have a very good sales trend. As it is a relatively easy product to produce (for someone with talent), and there are many materials available at very competitive prices, you could get a very interesting margin. In addition, the earrings take up little space and weigh little , so the issue of transport is much cheaper

Stuff for babies

There are businesses that do not seem to go out of style. Even when the birth rate declines, which has happened  since the beginning of the economic crisis, baby products continue to be a very positive bet. Or so it seems when we are interested in the keywords “things for babies.” Nothing prevents you from launching into making fashion, toys or other accessories for the little ones, as long as you are careful to make a safe and reliable product.

Cat Toys

Yes, you read that correctly, there is a specific market for cat toys, and the search trend associated with this keyword shows sustained growth. We are not just talking about the typical fake mouse for the feline to play for a while. There are much more elaborate things . Recently, I was shown a cat nail product that is shaped like a turntable so that when the cat uses it, it looks like it is playing like a DJ. Again, this market is totally suitable for someone who has talent and creativity, designing and manufacturing their own products, to sell them later on the Internet.

Online Courses

Let’s go to the general trend. As you can see from the graph, the interest in online training is growing. If you think you have knowledge that you can transfer in a digital format (video, electronic book), you may have a very good product to sell on the Internet.

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