All You Need To Know About Digital Transformation Vs Business Model Transformation

All You Need To Know About Digital Transformation Vs Business Model Transformation

We usually hear that digital transformation is one of the challenges that companies of all sizes are facing, in the case of large and medium-sized companies, which truly recognize that they must be proactive with digital transformation, they have adopted different actions to stay current, especially large companies that are not recognized for their speed of movement, culture, and goals for measuring digital transformation performance.

Complement Each Other But Does Not Imply The Other

Let us understand digital transformation as the result of the application of technology in the different processes that historically we did in a more analog way . This concerns our entire chain, if we are a company in the food sector, we sell fruit, and we change all our scales to be able to automatically generate delivery notes for each client and integrate it with our accounting program, we are digitally transforming the company, since in 

The previous moment we were writing down each one of the data that we thought on some paper cards and at the end of the day we took it to the person in charge of accounting so that he could account for it and invoice it.

Another example we can see in banking, today we can access any electronic banking platform and contract the financial product we are looking for. Do we want a new card or open an account? With our justification of income and the DNI, we have it contracted.

These examples do not transform the business, the client remains the same, the product remains the same and in the last example we improve the convenience of our client, since it does not depend on the hours or queues of the bureaucratic banking offices.

The transformation of the business is radically different means changing our organization, put the customer at the center. Putting it for real, thinking about the client, using all the available resources, leaving the office, getting to know him and creating products tailored to the needs he has, is very different if the client buys from us than we have to sell to him. 

For this step, working with the best BPO company is key as they can manage and improve specific processes from your business, increasing performance this way.

We must know the problems of our client and seek the best experience solving them. If we had asked a Telco how to improve the experience of its customers, 10 or 15 years ago, they would have responded by making the services cheaper, but they would never have created an application for our mobile that allows us to communicate with anyone on the planet for free. WhatsApp. Where do I want to go? 

The transformation of the business model must be radical, none of us as a client of that hypothetical 10 or 15 years ago would not have answered that question correctly, transform our company to make it friend of trial-error and iterative processes where speed of reaching the market prevails and validating hypotheses with our clients.

The digital transformation and the transformation of the business model are complementary, digital tools allow us to reduce and accelerate many processes that will be necessary to transform our business model, but to have created an ecommerce and profiles on all social networks, because that is what has to be done , it will not make our sales grow.

Any transformation into a large or medium-sized company must begin with its leader, the CEO. The implication of this role is decisive for this to land in the best possible way, the correct vision of the CEO will allow him to have independent teams made up of external and internal members of the company who have autonomy, leadership to help him transform the business and find real and future customer problems .

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