All You Need To Know About Secure Computer System

All You Need To Know About Secure Computer System

Secure Computer System : The vulnerability in the computer system is one of the growing concerns in companies. Every time the Internet contains a greater number of sensitive information, a fact that makes companies perfect targets for computer attacks . 

Now, how can we make our computer system secure? What elements are sensitive to these cyberattacks? In the following article we give you the keys so that you know how to detect it in your business and you can protect it as much as possible. 

What Is A Computer System?

The computer system (IS) is a system in charge of storing, processing and transmitting data or information. It is made up of three parts: the hardware , which includes the physical and material components , the software , which includes the operating system , firmware and applications, and the humanware , which refers to the computer personnel who program or the users who use it. the computer. 

In addition to these three parts, computer systems support elements that are not typical of the computer, but are part of its system, such as the well-known peripherals . These external elements allow information to be entered into the computer, as is the case with the keyboard, or information printed on paper, as is the case with printers. There are four types of peripherals:

  • Input : keyboard, microphone, scanner
  • Output: monitors, speakers, printers.
  • Input and output: modem, router, fax.
  • Storage: external hard drive, pen drive.

The objective of IS is to efficiently manage information allowing it to be saved, retrieved, changed and/or shared.

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What Is The Structure Of A Secure Computer System?

As we have previously mentioned, a computer system is made up of hardware, software, humanware and peripherals. Now, what makes them safe? Secure computer systems must meet these four characteristics: 


The information may not be modified or altered by those persons and/or computer processes that are not authorized to do so. To ensure that this information has not been manipulated without authorization, it is convenient to create a set of verification data (metadata) with which to compare them. 


Only authorized persons may read the information and they must not disclose it to unauthorized persons, entities or processes. 


The information must be available at the time it is required by the people, processes or applications authorized for it. 


To preserve the identification of the accesses, a system must be created that allows knowing which user is accessing at all times. To do this, it is necessary to implement a combination of accounts and passwords with different types of access to information according to the range of privileges defined for each person. 

Irrefutability (non-rejection or non-repudiation)

It prevents a user, program or computer process from denying or rejecting the authorship of an action.

Types Of Computer Security

There are three types of computer security according to the components that form it:

Network Or Online Security

It serves to protect all information and data accessible through the Internet. This type of security is responsible for fighting against the threats that exist on the Internet such as cyber-attacks from viruses, Trojans, worms, spy intrusions, data and information theft…

To combat them, antivirus and antispyware, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and private networks are used to guarantee secure access to the Internet

Hardware Security

This security is responsible for protecting physical equipment, that is, computers or devices, from possible interference, manipulation or threats. 

One of the most used methods are firewalls or hardware firewalls and proxy servers. The physical security of machines and devices must also be maintained, protecting them in spaces with restricted access, as well as including passwords and backup copies with which to avoid losing information or data. 

Software Security

Software security ensures that the information stored in IS is protected. It blocks and prevents malicious hacker attacks on both programs and company data and information. It aims to make any software continue to function efficiently. 

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