All You Need To Know About Dark Web And Deep Web

All You Need To Know About Dark Web And Deep Web

To begin with, we must clarify that the Deep Web is not the same as the Dark Web .

The Deep Web refers to the entire set of internet that we do not see. It is the content that is not freely open. It’s basically what you can’t find on Google. Such as files hosted on a cloud server, email messages, etc. Most of the internet content is on the Deep Web.

The Dark Web is a section of the Deep Web, it is the black or dark part of the internet and this part must be accessed through the use of certain tools. This is where the illegal content is found.

The Dark Web can be accessed through a specific browser, the best known is the Tor Browser. It cannot be entered through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

One way to explain the Dark Web, the Deep Web, and the normal Web is by comparing it to an iceberg. The visible tip of the iceberg is the normal Web, what we see, what we find when browsing. This represents only 4% of the total.

The Deep Web is the vast majority of the internet and represents 90% of the total and is the largest mass of the iceberg and the Dark web represents a minority, 6% and is within the Deep Web.

The Dark Side Of The Web, The Dark Web

Why is it called the dark side of the web? Simply because the content of this website is illegal and in it you will find the darkest content of the human being, the prohibited part.

There are millions of pages on these websites,  it is estimated between 1,000 and 4,000 million websites worldwide. It is impossible to know exactly how many sites can be found.

The servers or networks where these sites are hosted are called Darknets and the best known is TOR , with many more networks.

Is It Illegal To Enter The Dark Web?

The answer is no, because what is illegal is the content that you can purchase from it. The products that can be purchased there are known to be illegal, such as weapons, drugs, malware of all kinds, exploitation of minors, pornography, even terrorism, etc.

The Dangers Of The Dark Web

If you decide to enter the pages which is not so difficult, you must take care twice as usual, since the protection is not the same as in the normal web. You have to be extremely careful, since it is much easier to get infected with malware, for example. And personal data is more exposed. You must beware of the dangers .

In this, there are no rules and digital marketing strategies are not necessary, therefore the risk of entering this dimension of cyberspace is very great, for the same reason no one would recommend entering this dark world.


In the deep web there is illegal and legal content, in the illegal content you can find extreme videos of mutilations, pedophilia, murders, etc.

The dangers are:

  • Could access compromising content
  • You could meet criminals
  • It could fill your PC with viruses
  • You could participate in illegal activities

Accessing material of this type can be very compromising, since these sites are monitored by police and investigators, who track users who access this illegal content and who, therefore, are complicit in the crime that is committed, even if you enter out of curiosity.

Another danger of the Dark Web is that it can meet criminals, just a few seconds after entering these sites, a hacker can detect and empty all your accounts, that fast.

In worse or already extreme cases, you may never be able to have privacy again.

There are many risks when entering the Dark Web, for the same reason you do not have to do it even out of curiosity. But if you decide to do so, you must protect your computer and your personal data, because you will enter a world without law.

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