Create A Business Logo In 10 Steps

Create A Business Logo In 10 Steps

The creation of the business logo is a crucial step for any entrepreneur. Affirm your brand identity by following these 10 steps. To be immediately recognizable.

1. Determine Your Business DNA

Your business has one or more messages to convey to its audience. And to ensure that the right message is transmitted, it is necessary to take the time to identify its DNA, that is to say,  all the characteristics specific to your brand allowing it to be distinguished from competitors. What is your business strategy? Also focus on key products and values  ​​so that you can suggest them through the shape, colours and typo of your logo.

2. Keep it simple

“Simplicity is the touchstone of good ideas”, . Logo design is no exception. Simple messages stick the best. Round to unite, square for seriousness. Few colours (usually two), but well-chosen.

3. Stand Out At All Costs

Avoid starting from an existing logo at the competition to design your own, because confusion will only handicap you. Tap into originality and be the first to imagine the design of your company’s logo.

Intaglio images, that is to say, those that are not immediately captured but which appear from a certain angle, with a little distance, are generally very appreciated in the reading of logos. Here are some examples of hidden images in the logos of major brands. Do not copy.

4. A Typography To Have A Strong Identity

A personalized typeface gives you a unique identity. Like Coca-Cola, whose font is very often taken up. Twitter has taken on an active, moving form, with the flight of the bluebird.

5. Colors Carry A Message

The colours each have a particular meaning and convey different perceptions. To capture the attention and remain in the unconscious of your target, the choice of colours is therefore crucial.

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6. A Multi-media Logo

The logo of a company must be able to be integrated into all the necessary supports, in particular: website, billboard, letterhead, brochure, business card, poster, marketing accessories, etc.

7. Keep The Idea Of ​​Setting Up Abroad

If you intend, even remotely, to export yourself internationally, your logo will have to take into account the meaning of the colours and symbols of other countries or cultures. If green has a positive connotation in France, it is the opposite in China where green symbolizes infidelity, or even anger. The expression having a “green head” describes a person who is not well.

8.Think Timeless

Timeless like jeans! Your logo may undergo alterations, it must retain its initial characteristics, those that make its identity. The major evolutions of your company can materialize by slight redesigns of the logo but always keeping the basics.

9. Establish Specifications

Record the outline of your logo design in a brief. This document will contain your company’s strategy, values ​​and objectives. The specifications can be used as support for potential service providers who will fulfil your requests.

10. Test Your Logo

Does your logo suggest the right industry? What values ​​and/or products? Observe the reactions of a tester who is not aware of your project in order to verify the adequacy between logo and project.

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