How To Transform Your Business Ideas Into Success

How To Transform Your Business Ideas Into Success

As we do not know how to generate business ideas and of course, we do not have a good criterion to choose what is the best and take action, we tend to find discouraged employees all the time who only encounter obstacles and a huge risk.

What to do about this? I detail below the three essential steps you must follow to hit the nail on the head and choose the best business idea:

STEP 1: Focus On The Right Place

If you are clear that you want to have your own business and start it , but you do not know what idea, do not worry! Start with step 1 that we propose below.

You will never finish finding a good business idea if you always put the spotlight in the wrong place. In general, we usually decide to search for ideas on the Internet or see what famous people and highly successful entrepreneurs do. Not bad. These people already have businesses that work, but this surely focuses on having a good basic idea. Of course, you must be clear that on the Internet you will find everything, being an excellent source of inspiration.

The problem with this method is that we end up looking elsewhere for ideas. You should know that if that person has managed to start a successful business, it does not mean that we achieve it with his own invention. Let’s think about it carefully: when we look for an idea in order to start a business, we are trying to define what problem we are going to solve, and in what way we can provide one of the best solutions.

For example, if I ever meet a person who has started and is super successful with a business focused on creating mobile applications for personal organization and increased productivity, I will think: “What a great idea! Many people want to be productive and organize their time. This idea should be profitable ”.

However, if we do not know how an organizational system works exactly, we are not too productive or we have no idea how to program, we can hardly dedicate ourselves to the same thing as this person.

To find the best idea that is right for you and focused on a project, you must focus on the ultimate goal of the venture. This focuses on providing a unique or different solution to a specific problem.

If you only look at an idea that is already finished and at the lifestyle of the entrepreneur who today already has his company fully productive, you will put the focus in the wrong place. Their current situation has nothing to do with yours, and that person surely had a lot to fight before getting their business to grow.

Of course, you have ways to make this idea come true by hiring a programmer, researching personal organization, experiencing it on a personal level for a while, learning the systems that already exist today, designing your own, validating your idea, and finding a niche. market suitable.

This will be more complicated, it will take you more time, it will require you to have a few initial resources and minimal equipment, and you will even experience several demotivations along the way.

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When we talk about generating business ideas, it is better to focus on ourselves, rather than on what others do.

First of all, identify what your talents are (what you do great), what you love (if you like something, you will do it better, with enthusiasm and natural motivation) and what you think is correct (an idea can become profitable but if it does not go along the same lines as your principles, there will come a point where it stops working).

So, take a look at the needs around you . Without a real need, no idea will be completely profitable, because no one will be willing to pay for something they don’t really need.

STEP 2: Filter And Validate

When you have brainstormed and you already have several options, the question you must ask yourself is how do I select a business idea?

For that you must filter the ideas you have in mind. I will help you through a very complete series of questions:

– When I imagine myself working on this, what idea excites me the most?

– Which of these ideas is related to a problem that I have successfully overcome in the past?

– In which of them do I make the most of my talents, skills and abilities?

The most important thing is knowing how to choose. You should know that it is best to choose without thinking too much and without giving it much thought, since where the main information is focused is on taking action and then validation.

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When validating, we will always keep in mind the unique value we have to give to others: our skills, talents and abilities, as well as our principles. We will try to externalize them, subjecting them to a process of investigation of whether there really is a group of individuals willing to buy our product to solve their problem and we see if we can continue on that path or it is better to change it.

Throughout this process, we may discover that this area does not compensate us much; we may discover a different option to that idea with which we started; or we realize that the path is the right one and that we will have a chance of success with that same idea. In any case, we will have real samples of the validity of the product or service we offer.

Knowing reality in the first person, no matter what will happen, if we are really willing we can go back to look for an idea and we will be prepared for both the good and the bad.

If you do this process well, you will surely find good clients and your project will prosper enormously, taking shape and working.

STEP 3: The Actual Choice

The real choice will be made after the first steps and even a little beyond.

When you get a good business idea, you decide to test it to validate it and once this is done, the result you get tells you if you are on the right track and should continue or not. Everything is a process.

At the time of realization there is also a process of choosing the idea.

During this stage we face the “how to realize my idea”, “how to transform this idea into a business, into products”.

Along the way we continue to choose our idea. We will be permanently validating it, correcting what we consider necessary, always aware of what reality and our public are telling us, to adapt to this. Based on this, every day we are changing, improving and modulating the business. Every day that passes we put our persistence, our motivation and also our ability to execute to the test.

Keep in mind that this process will always be easier if you spend time and do these first steps well.

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