All You Need To Know About AMP In E-Commerce

All You Need To Know About AMP In E-Commerce

It’s a fact: AMP pages are revolutionizing the online world. The high speed they offer, together with their multiple advantages with respect to relevant factors, such as SEO, make them a powerful must-have . And at the e-commerce level, more of the same. High conversions, improved engagement and a positive impact on ROI are just some examples of all the benefits that AMP has for your e-commerce . You want to know more? Keep reading!

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AMP: More Speed, More Activity

The patience of the users presents an increasingly low limit. Hence, the gratitude when they find a page that offers them the speed they want translates into greater engagement . And it is logical. On many occasions they connect with very little physical time: while they wait for the bus, during the coffee break, walking down the street … IF you make them wait, you lose them. 

Now, if you give them the speed they need, they will stay and even interact much more with the page. With AMP the page load time is reduced by up to 40% . Hence, there are already those who are getting the most out of their e-commerce, such as Zalando, who has even set up a recommendation engine that loads other AMP Landing Pages on the screen.

AMP: More Conversions, Fewer Bounces

The high speed offered by AMP pages translates into a better user experience, which implies greater satisfaction on your part that increases the chances that these users will become customers . Aliexpress is a good example of e-commerce that has improved by switching to AMP, showing a 4.3% increase in conversion .

More Visibility, More Traffic

Another of the great benefits that AMP pages have over conventional ones is that Google sees them favorably, giving them an important place in its Top Stories carousel . This position implies greater visibility of the articles and this, at the same time, a significant increase in the chances of attracting traffic to your page. Also, as of today, AMP pages are identified by the lightning bolt icon, which makes them easy to identify. Users recognize them and know that they are faster, so they jump directly to them compared to conventional versions, which increases the number of accesses and, consequently, improves the positioning of said page in the ranking.

AMP: Measuring Is Easier, The Most Effective Marketing Strategies

Recognizing the origin of sales is essential to continue to attract even more customers and increase the number of them. Hence, measuring the results of the actions you carry out in your online marketing strategies is an essential step. In addition to Google Analytics, tracking pixels play an important role in this process. 

If you had doubts regarding AMP pages, make them fade, as these are compatible with tracking pixels and Google Analytics and will allow you to know such interesting data, such as page movements, engagement with social networks and button clicks.

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