All You Need To Know About Coding

All You Need To Know About Coding

We’re explaining on coding in the article. The performance of supply chains is directly related to the efficiency of the production process, areas in which the coding, marking and traceability of merchandise play an essential role. In today’s post we are going to talk about all the advantages that logistics and verification solutions can provide your company.

Traceability And Coding

A company that does not code or brand its products correctly is at a great disadvantage in today’s market, as customers and regulations demand a series of data such as expiration date or ingredients. And in this sense, the clearer we are, the more likely we have someone to get hold of our products.

The company also needs information regarding the batch or serial number and to have tools for its verification, which are characterized by the precision of their reading and speed in their execution. In this way, any type of error can be detected at the moment and the products can be discarded on the same production line.

The result is a saving in time, effort and money due to errors caused by a poor reading or encoding process, something essential if we want our company to be competitive in the sector. Since we will reinforce the image of the brand and increase the satisfaction of intermediate distributors or end customers.

The Best Verification And Traceability Solutions

For this reason, it is highly advisable to choose the best solutions provided by the market in terms of product coding and verification, such as inkjet coders , which guarantee production control and improved identification. The advantages are multiple and the initial investment pays for itself in a short time.

These machines ensure enormous performance and adapt without problems to different production environments, such as food, pharmaceutical or those related to the automotive industry. The performance in any case is excellent and also greatly facilitates subsequent reading and identification tasks.

Marking Tasks

If the needs of our business force us to work with complicated or resistant materials such as metal, it is necessary to use an impact or micro-dot marking technology , which are capable of marking all kinds of information with alphanumeric characters or codes, with incredible precision that will last forever.

Fastest And Most Efficient Verification

And to complete the set, we are going to finish today’s post talking about optical readers, scanners or vision cameras , which are the most suitable devices to control and verify production . 

These machines have wide reading ranges and their size allows us to adapt them without problems to different positions within the production line. In addition, they have a wide variety of connections to optimize all tasks. In this way we will be sure that the merchandise meets the quality requirements demanded by the sector and we are not lagging behind with respect to the competition.

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